Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ooh, La, La

I found a large wooden frame hanging up in the shop. Russ wondered when I would notice. It was left by the previous owners along with a few other cool things (such as the old door knobs), and quite a bit of not so cool things.

Color, lots of it, has been appealing to me lately. Robin's egg blue is a current favorite. So the frame got painted up and looks lovely as a focal point above my mantel. I used a foam stamp and black craft paint to create the design in the center of a white platter, hanging it in the center of the frame. Voila! (The craft paint will wash right off the platter when I'm done using it for wall decor.)The empty frame and silhouette grouping that was originally above the mantel moved into a horizontal position above the piano: I would have painted this frame, but I liked the way the wood tone ties it in with the piano. I wanted something that would fill the space above the piano to compliment the size of the black cabinet next to it. The black silhouettes also tie in the black with the wood tones.

I tied the blue star to the cabinet to break up the heavy black.
Do you see the variety of ways an empty frame can be used? It is a great decorating element to have on hand. It can make a bold color statement (and is easily repainted). Imagine a bold, glossy red! It can highlight a single wall decor item, or increase the visual size of that item. It can group items together to make a single focal point.

I'm thinking I need a collection of frames painted various colors. That would be a fun grouping in itself! Wouldn't a mass of painted empty frames hung on a large wall look awesome! (Or am I off my rocker again?)

Today's Project Heidi Challenge: Go find yourself an empty frame! I'd love to see what you come up with.

We also have a short lesson on pairing colors today. Red is a mainstay color for me because my T.V. armoir is red. I enjoy having a neutral wall as it gives me more flexibility to choose a second or third accent color.

The best way to tie in a second color is to find a pattern with both colors. A few possibilities: tablecloths, cloth napkins, throw pillows, window treatments, or fabric to cover the seats of chairs. If you find the perfect pattern on a piece of fabric, why not let it have the spotlight by using it to cover a canvas artist's frame? Scrapbook paper or wrapping paper can be used for wall art or to embellish simple white candles.

Many of these ideas can be easily changed if you choose to switch up your color choices every once in a while.

My circle collage is what I've used in my front room to tie in the red and blue:
Speaking of my armoir, this is what it currently looks like:
One of the books in my stack was a birthday gift, and I can't wait to share it with you! I'll be chatting about the statue (also a birthday gift) in an upcoming post as well. Anyone recognize her?

I'm taking a break for a couple days, but I'll check in on the comments. I promise I'll answer the chair painting questions later this next week. Have a terrific weekend, everyone!


Kindra-At Home With K said...

All the new decorating looks wonderful!! I seen in a home a few years back that they had old mirrors decorating their hallway. I always thought that would be a great look for my long hallway. Well mirrors can get pretty expensive...I think I might try some frames instead.

You have such great ideas! Keep them coming!

{marie} said...

i love the idea of an old frame holding "new" treasures. i use this idea in my dining room and change out the picture all the time. I have even just put a little nail in the center and clipped my kids artwork in the middle with a clip and hung it on the nail. i even posted about it in "my spot" that was inspired by you clear back in february.

Anonymous said...

Heidi... I LOVE to decorate with frames! I emailed you a picture of our bathroom, where I have random frames hung. Thanks for sharing your inspirational home decor!

Anonymous said...

I am intrigued by the freedom with which you hang and move frames and artwork. How do you hang them and how do you deal with the holes left from a moved piece.

travelin' nan said...

It appears that you have a positive "shelf" image. It seems I could look to you for some mantel therapy.
All puns aside, You're photos are lovely, and your ideas have inspired some effort in adding to the beauty around my home.
I've enjoyed reading your blog, and you remind me to stop and enjoy little moments of beauty.

Heidi said...

Jen and Kambria~ Love your frames. I'll post your pictures later this week.

Sarah~ I really should be more particular about all the holes in my walls. :) I try to reuse holes as often as possible, or at least cover them up with the new wall hangings. We just moved a year ago, filled in all the holes, and put on fresh paint. I imagine the walls will start to look terrible right about.... well, now. :) I'll be puttying the holes and repainting very soon.

Thanks, Nan and Kindra!

Anonymous said...

Martha loves old frames, too, you know ;o) ...and gathering them as a collection! Here's a link:

I know I've seen a pic where she had a bunch gathered on a mantel leaning against each other, but I can't find it and my boys are pulling on me so that they can have a lego playmate, so maybe later...

Love the blog, and love the Project Heidi tutorials ;o)


heather said...

I enjoy old frames and recently obtained several new/old ones. Thanks for sharing your ideas here. Very timely for me.

Relyn Lawson said...

I love, love, love your statue. Do tell. Who is it? Can't wait to hear about your book. Thanks for all the great ideas.

TSHAA said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog for a couple of weeks after a friend recommend I read your section on homeschooling. I admit I am drawn to all of your posts. You are an amazing decorator and photographer. I am wanting to create the circle collage but was wondering how you applied to circles to the canvas? Also, did you use fabric or scrapbook paper for the one shown? I hope one day my blog will look as full and creative as yours. :)

Heidi said...

tshaa~ Thanks for visiting! I appreciate the comments.

I used scrapbook paper and a bit of wrapping paper for my circle collage. I applied them using a glue stick because that is what I had on hand. :)

I can't wait to visit your blog. I'm sure it will be lovely!

TSHAA said...

Great! Thank you so much. I can't wait to see how it will turn out. It will probably be awhile though since I am pregnant and we are not finding out the sex of the baby. I may do this for the baby's room instead. Here's my blog address if you are ever bored, which by the looks of your blog boredom doesn't happen in your life! :) Thanks again!

Lisa Mae said...

Hello! My sister introduced me to your wonderful blog. I love all of your fun ideas! My sister came to visit and we had a craft day. We took silhouette pics of our boys. I have decided to also put mine on painted canvas. What kind of adhesive did you use in applying the silhouettes to the canvas? Thanks for inspiring us! You can email me if you wish.
Look forward to hearing from you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi - I found your blog while searching for ideas to make an "empty picture frame arrangement". Yours really caught my eye! I enjoyed the virtual tour of your home and it has inspired my towards more makeovers in mine.. I like using chartruese green the way you do red.. wonderful!

Kari Sweeten said...

Love this idea of framing a plate!! I'll be featuring you today on Ucreate and linking back to you. So glad I found your blog!

jeni said...

i just found my way to your's great! i have an obsession with using old window frames and frames around my house :) i love your frame and wondered what the exact paint color was...we are getting a new front door and am thinking of blue, but struggling to find the right shade.