Saturday, April 26, 2008

In Which Saturday Returns

Do you know that there are all sorts of fun things you can do on a Saturday morning without cartoons? Russ, Levi, Luke, and I piled in bed and stared at the ceiling. Our ceiling happens to have a very funny texture. Have you seen shapes in the clouds? Well, we see shapes on our ceiling. Found this morning: a pteradon, a platypus head, a scuba diver, and a giraffe.

A few minutes later, I heard Levi and Luke in the front room discussing recipes. 'I think these spinach pinwheels look yummy. They kinda look dessert-ish.' They were laying on the floor with 5 or more cookbooks open to various pages.
At almost 9 am, Levi suddenly remembered his dad had told him he might be able to watch a few cartoons this morning. Somehow, it had slipped his mind. Oh, what a week without television can do to a kid. Too late. The fresh air was calling. Levi headed straight to his dam. Luke and Leif piled on the lawnmower with dad, where they spent a blissful hour.

We spent the morning doing work around the yard. It felt so great to get things cleaned up a bit. If you notice the boy in swimming trunks, it will be obvious to you that our weather warmed up some.

After a trip to Costco, Russ headed out with Luke to visit a client for the afternoon. Leif had the decency to sleep for three hours, Levi played quietly, and I managed to accomplish a host of tasks. Oh, happy day.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your front yard...over grown or freshly mowed - it seems a wonderfully relaxing place!
We were able to get some yard work in as well up here in WA. Wasn't it wonderful to finally have some warm weather?!

Elise said...

Sounds like a glorious day Heidi.

I enjoy reading about all of the different ways your boys entertain themselves. They are adorable.

carole said...

I, too, love the yard and the scenery. It is so gorgeous - deep breath inspiring. Did you add the trellis/porch/pergola (what do you call it?) recently or have I only seen pictures of the other side of your house? (and which is the front and which is the back?) In any case, it's lovely.

As for swimming trunks - Ian donned his a week or so ago on the first day that the temperature crept past 45 degrees. He and Will had a water gun fight in the backyard. Hilarious.