Monday, April 21, 2008


Mmmm. Breakfast.

This kid is ready for some serious play.

Our new tadpole friends. Levi caught them in his mud hole.
They've already grown quite a bit in 10 days.

School. Here and There.

Beef and shrimp fajitas for dinner!
It's all good.


Elise said...

Hi Heidi

What a great looking start to your week. Hope the rest of your week is just as good.

Anonymous said...


Your photography is AMAZING. Can you tell me what kind of camara you use? Do you use any special lenses? Do you use photoshop? I am planning to start a blog to chronicle our h-schooling adventures, and if my pictures can look half as beautiful as yours, I will be thrilled! I currently have a Canon Power Shot S315 and I can't get good natural light pictures unless there is a ton of sunlight. They always turn out grainy. I also have Photoshop, but have not yet mastered it. By the way, your blog is one of the few I visit on a regular basis -- it is so creative!

Sarah said...

Looks like it was a nice Monday for you... Hope you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Delurking to say I love your blog and to ask what you put in your green smoothie :)
I want to start drinking them for breakfast.
BTW: I was homeschooled from first grade through high school. I plan on doing the same with my children.

Heidi said...

Popping in for a quick reply...

I've enjoyed reading the comments on our past few days!

Mogster~ Stay tuned. I'll be doing a 'Heidi's really simple photography tips' post next week!

Tamara~ I put in lots of baby spinach, OJ, a banana, and frozen blackberries. I also add pineapple/pineapple juice, carrot juice, and/or canned peaches on occasion. Thanks for delurking!

More chatting next week....

Donna Boucher said...

Loving these picture posts!!!