Sunday, April 27, 2008

Those Boys

I remember, now, why I don't have very many pictures with all 3 boys. It is almost impossible to have 3 happy, still, smiling little boys at the same instant. (Thanks for the visit, Grandpa Ron and Grandma Haley!)

Not even 2 boys:
I have to content myself with action shots:
Or just one child:

Or bribes:

Or we could go walking at the park and I could get pictures of the backs of heads...

I hope everyone had a terrific week last week. Or at least survived. Grin. I know I wasn't replying to very many comments. Did I miss answering any questions? Anyone have new questions they need answered? Anyone have ideas about what they'd like to read around here? I have a bunch of posts in the works, including a 'Heidi's Photography Tips' (such as they are) and camera questions answered, but I'm always up for requests.


Anonymous said...

How do you hang your frames? I am hanging phobic and would love some tips.

Elise said...


One would never think that it could be so hard to take a picture of your children standing still and smiling. I am struggling with my nineteen month old daughter and wonder how I will ever get a photo of her and her new brother when he arrives in June. I have so many pictures of the top, back and side of my daughter's head as she is running off as I take one second too long to get the picture.

I totally agree that the action shots and just random pictures from everyday life are the way to go. They really are the pictures that will tell a story and capture a moment in time.

I love the photos of the boys walking in the park, just beautiful.

You mentioned that you're always up for requests, so here goes: What type of camera and lenses do you use and secondly, I thoroughly enjoy reading about the resources you use for homeschoooling and the projects that your boys work on.

Hoping that you are having a wonderful day

Warmest wishes

Heidi said...

Sarah~ Thanks for reminding me! I've been meaning to get a post up about hanging stuff, but I just need to pull it all together. Soon, I promise!

Elise~ Oh, I take a gazillion photos to get a couple good ones. :) Those kids, they're so squiggly, aren't they? I have a photography post coming this next week including my camera answers. More educational resources on the list, too. :)

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

i cannot believe you gave them oreo cookies and they kept it off their face...i think we all are painfully aware that my twerps would have had chocolate rings around their mouths at the very least.