Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mmmm. Food.

Last week got a little crazy meal-wise with birthday stuff, out of town stuff, and Russ working late stuff. I did try a Manicotti recipe that was delicious. Manicotti is one of my favorite things to order at Italian restaurants. The cheese filling is mmmm good. I'll be putting that on the keeper list.

The line-up for this week looks like this:

Monday: Veggie Beef Soup and French Bread

Tuesday: Chicken and Broccoli Salad

Wednesday: African Feast (to go with our history studies). It may be any combination of chicken, couscous, yams, fried plantains, and date cookies.

Thursday: Spaghetti (jarred sauce with pureed veggies and ground beef and whole wheat noodles), corn, and green salad.

Friday: Sesame Pork Ribs with stir-fry carrots and snow peas over Yakisoba noodles.

Saturday: Leftovers

I was inspired by Carole to try drinking 'green' smoothies daily. They are a perfect way to start my day out with a few servings of fruits and veggies. Levi was quick to point out that they are actually 'maroon' smoothies due to the frozen blackberries I add.

I'm starting out with a generous handful of baby spinach and adding orange and carrot juices, banana, pineapple, and frozen blackberries. Unfortunately neither Levi or Luke care for it, and Leif makes a mess out of proportion to the amount he ingests. I, however, think it's refreshing and tasty.


Anonymous said...

Heidi... I am going to have to try that Manicotti recipe... Here is a tip I tried the last time I made Manicotti and it worked PERFECT... Rather than spooning the filling in those flimsy tubes of pasta... Spoon your filling into a ziplock baggie, seal and cut off one of the bottom corners, then squeeze the filling right in!...Voila... Much faster and less messy! ~Jen

Heidi said...

Jen~ That's so funny that you would mention that! Spooning the filling in the tubes was by far the most difficult thing about the recipe and I was thinking that I should have put the filling in a bag and squeezed it in, LOL. I'll be sure to do it that way next time around. :)

Laura said...

Not related to stuffing Manicotti or blending spinach. Rather, a "Project Heidi" question for you: how might I change the look of 4 square ceramic coasters (Wal-Mart variety) that just don't suit my style? I'd appreciate any advice!

heather said...

Good for you on the green smoothie challenge! I am a big smoothie drinker, but have not been able to toss spinach in! It sorta scares me to do that. You and Carole are motivating me though!

Heidi said...

Laura~ I left a message for you on your blog. :)

Heather~ You should try the spinach. I can taste it a little, but I'm so happy to be painlessly eating veggies that I won't complain. :)

Kristen's Raw said...

You have such a beautiful family!

And, YAY for green smoothies :)

carole said...

Mmm, food! I had to laugh at your comments about Leif. It's the same with Peter - most of the smoothie goes all over his bib (hopefully!) and face and hands and table. :) BUT, he is a fan, and does the smoothie dance when the blender is whirring, so ... I can't complain too much!

My sister said that she makes the green smoothies with blueberries and doesn't tell her husband that there's spinach in it until after he's finished drinking. Then she tells him. :) And he moans and groans in retrospective disgust. Ha!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the green smoothie idea. We drink lots of smoothies around here and the last 2 days my boys have not noticed the spinach... My husband saw me sneak it and commented "that's just mean." : )