Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Family in Need

By now, many of you may have read in the blogsphere about Stephanie and Christan Neilson. They are a young couple (with four small children) who recently were in a plane crash and badly burned. The blogging community is banding together with auctions and other events to raise money for their recovery.

Kim at Today's Creative Blog is hosting an incredible auction with many wonderful items up for bid. Jewelry, paper goods, art, and more. Please check it out if you are interested in supporting this family!

For anyone interested in donating cash to their recovery fund, click the link below.


Shell in your Pocket said...

Thanks for the information...I will check it out! What a wonderful thing to host an auction for this couple! Wow!
Have a great Monday!
-Sandy Toes

Unknown said...


Did you go on Nie's personal blog? I was scrolling through, reading, and came across a photo of a family dinner she had, complete with a banner which had the words of the family's theme for this school year: Be Prepared.

Well, if that doesn't knock the wind out of you, I just don't know what would. :(