Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Week in the Life...

I very badly wanted to participate in Ali Edwards' A Week in the Life this week. It appears I'll be doing a pared down version as we are still not up to speed. Luke and Leif are still congested, wheezy, and coughing. It seems I'm getting a sinus infection to add to my list of annoying ills at the moment. (Do I sound whiny?)

Ali asks us to keep it low-pressure and not worry if our life isn't perfect at the moment. Sounds good to me. Here are a few pictures from yesterday:

The boys watching morning television. Leif asks for Cheerios and juice as soon as he wakes up and always sits on the ottoman to watch shows.
Eggs, OJ, and spinach smoothie for breakfast:
Leif rarely consents to sit in the highchair anymore. He is a big boy, don't you know. I'm gonna miss our red highchair when it is no longer in use.
Our school books and papers awaiting us:
(My boys do occasionally wear shirts, I promise.)

We do all our reading on the couch. I love snuggling. (Luke is a great photographer, no?)
When does laundry ever end? I could take this picture daily:
You could tell that I've been sick the second you walked into my house. I can't believe this arrangement was still up over my mantel. I couldn't stand it another moment.
I didn't have the energy for a big re-do, but this quick-change is much, much better.
I still couldn't stop fussing with it, so I added a couple other things. It will probably stay like this for a little while, though:
What did you do yesterday?


Lacy said...

I have been dying to see more decor!! I love it and it looks so classy and fresh!

carole said...

I always love a peek into your home! The mantle looks lovely either way, but especially warm and cozy with the fall decor.

Yesterday I was doing laundry: about 7 loads of it. No, it doesn't ever end.

Sarah said...

Love the 2nd mantel, It is very warm & cozy & so inviting. I may have to borrow some inspiration from you. I'm so ready for pumpkin everything. From them around my house to pumkin scones at Starbucks.

Alicia The Snowflake said...

I love your mantel arrangements!

I have never thought to change my mantle often. I love collecting, so I have plenty to change out. I may have to experiment!

Your boys are cute too!

Aja Jenise said...

You know I am relieved to see you in a very real sense... though I am sorry for the ills of life that have been so rude to intrude upon you, it is a comfort to know that others experience spells of lifes ills outside our home and my head. so whine away my friend... i am rooting for you! here's to more cozy mornings of reading on the sofa... CHEERS!!


Aja Jenise said...

Oh and I love the mantle Heidi! Very fresh looking... I am not a fresh decorator... I am a darker kinda girl. But I secretly wish I was a bit fresher... I imagine being near an Oregon coast may help that a bit!


Unknown said...

Ahh...the stack of books and papers waiting for attention....looks like our stack. I think Elijah gets a little intimidated when he sees our stack - but I reassure him that there are many books for mom to read as supplements to everyone. I like this group of pictures. What a normal day looks like!

Thanks for the ideas about poetry memorization!