Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Family

So, when the boys arrived Monday afternoon, they were absolutely chomping at the bit to get onto the sand and into the water. I had hoped and planned to get family pictures on the beach. I made the decision to let the boys log in some play time before making them cooperate for a photo session. I let my sick boys (yep, both Levi and Luke had gotten Leif's nasty cold) get their clothes soaked and sand in every crevice.

After they played for a couple hours, we cleaned them up as well as we could and changed them into 'picture clothes.' I fussed and fretted over the beautiful weather which is excellent for playing, but bright afternoon sun is often harsh in photographs.

Well, after a couple days off of their routine, usual menu, and regular sleeping habits (oh, and at the beginning of nasty colds)... let's just say the boys weren't quite in the mood to cooperate. I don't suppose it helped any that I was feeling wind-blown and groggy, with the sick-pale-face-red-nose look.

My expectations for family pictures are way too high for this bunch. Is something like this too much to ask? (I'm sure it would help to have a professional photographer on the scene...)

Apparently we'll be settling for the back-of-our-heads-going-for-a-walk look for a few years.

My sister Shannon, at least, is a great sport and takes all the pictures in which I need to appear. Doesn't she do a lovely job?

How about a vote:

1) When you have something on the to-do or want list like a vacation or family pictures, do you wait until everything comes together perfectly and then go for it? (When I try that option, it never happens because nothing is ever perfect.)

2) Or, if you have something planned, do you go above and beyond what it feels like you are capable of (or your family is capable of) at that moment to make it happen? (I'm guilty of not letting go of things or being flexible.)

3) Are you one of those amazing people who have found a nice balance between the two?


Anonymous said...

Back-of-the-head-shots-while-walking-away-from-photographer are GREAT options!

These are glorious photos ... captured the memories, right?

I haven't figured it all out yet ... we just try to ALL be as flexible as possible ... and sometimes take turns giving each other "our way".

Luke Holzmann said...

I like your photos better than the ones you linked to, but that's just me.


Precision Quality Laser said...

At least you have someone to take back-of-the-head-shots for! I am ashamed to admit that our first full family photo was a month ago when my sister was here. And it is the profile pic on my blog header. So, in answer to your question...we just went for it on impulse, no plan and definitely not the perfect circumstances or background (can you say shiny semi-gloss wall?). But, I love the pictures we got :)

Oh, and I am so there with you on the Kate Benson Photography...she is AMAZING!

Precision Quality Laser said...

I also forgot to tell you that I love the one with you and one of your boys...that will be one to treasure for a lifetime :)

carole said...

I'm not sure what I am, 1, 2 or 3. Of course, I want to be 3. :) More often I neglect taking pictures because to do so turns things into a #2 scenario.
AMAZING photos. What a lovely family.

Beth@Pages of Our Life said...

For me I prefer planning and blocked off time....which is a challenge and never seems to happen in real life. That's why I still haven't gotten a great looking family pic up yet on my blog because I want everyone wearing the same color with a beautiful background etc. I seem to take more "candid" unplanned shots. I am a perfectionist by nature and typically want it to be perfect but that never happens! LOL My best photographic moments have been natural settings away from home.

I can just imagine how much wanted that picture and yet had to deal with the circumstances of the moment.

I love the ones you got. You can "feel" something in everyone of them. Your sis did a great job!

{marie} said...'re it.

Sarah at SmallWorld said...

You know what? I like your pictures WAY better than the ones you linked to!! I especially love the first one, but they are all great. I mean, I really, really love yours more!

Heidi said...

Thanks for the kind words, everyone! I do love the way these pictures turned out, and the overall feeling of them. It seems like if we send out a family picture in Christmas cards, though (for example), don't you think people would want to see faces? Maybe not just black shapes a mile off?

Got more to post... are you getting sick of pictures yet?

Kambria~ Got it. Will get it up in the next couple days.

Shell in your Pocket said...

I usually go above and beyond and then I am SO stressed out! That is not good!
-Sandy Toes

Dy said...

Well, I lower my standards and just shoot for good individual shots that I can collage later. But then, you could feed my entire family opium and still not get them all facing the same direction long enough to get a picture... so, there's that...

These are fantastic photos - all of them! It helps that you've got a gorgeous family full of incredibly photogenic, beautiful people. But the photography is also good. Way to go, guys!!


Skeller said...

Oh, Heidi, you must be THRILLED with these!! They're beautiful and worthy of being blown up big and put on a wall. I LOVE them :-)

But, yes, with a Christmas card, you probably want one with faces (like the lovely first two in your post above this one). But I would totally use one of these silhouette-y ones on the inside of the card.

Speaking of cards ... have you seen Their quality is good and their prices phenomenal...

Skeller said...

Oh, and to answer your question...

Waiting til everything comes together is NOT an option for me. I have dudes (especially the Biggest Dude) in my family who HATE having their picture taken. So I jump in with both feet as soon as my husband is willing!! ;-) No matter how hot, how bug-filled, how HOTTTTT (did I mention hot?!?), I go for it.

Skeller said...

Hmmm, Heidi, brainstorming here (shoo me away whenever you like ... Shoo, pesky Susan, shooo!)

How 'bout a collage card? Since all these gorgeous photos were taken at the same place with the same gorgeous colors, you could put a bunch of them together. That way you could use your far-away on the beach silhouette mixed up with a bunch of the best of everyone's individual faces.

Heidi said...

skeller~ I'll check out That might be just what I need! Thanks.

Yes, I just might do a collage. It seems like it would have to be pretty big, though, because those far-away pictures will have to be even smaller and you'd barely be able to see our bodies. :)