Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Little Conversation

I'm neck deep in cleaning and organizing today, trying to get the school room in shape so that we can get back to business. Since I have no time for a thought-provoking post, nor breath-taking photography to share, I thought I'd put you all to work. You don't mind, do you?

I have a few random questions. Feel free to answer one or more in the comments or on your blog (but be sure to put a link in the comments!).

::Name one place you would like to see before you die.

::Is there a foreign language you wish you knew or would like to learn?

::What social issue concerns you the most? What is your favorite soapbox?

::What do you think your mom would say was the biggest challenge you presented her with?

See you in the comments! (I'll post my answers in the comments later today if you're curious.)


Sarah at SmallWorld said...

One of the biggest social issue that concerns me is the decline of the family--the utter lack of importance that is put on valuing and cherishing the family unit. I think that countless problems in every aspect of society are rooted in the lack of good parenting. There!

Anonymous said...
I used this as the basis for my blog entry today.

Anonymous said...

Visit: Israel
Language: Hebrew
Social issue: The lack of the fear of God
Challenge for my mom: Hmmm??? Now this one...I think I presented too much trouble for her for there to be just one big challenge! :)

carole said...

Aaaah! Cleaning and organizing is what I should be doing but instead I've been getting Barn Dance things lined up and talking with insurance people on the phone. Boring. I'm sure your room will look wonderful once you're done with it.

Perhaps one of these days I'll tackle one or two of your questions (fun idea) in a post. Although I bet you could already answer most of them for me.

One place to visit before I die: toss up between Alaska in Summer or Venice.

Foreign Language: Japanese or Chinese - the written language fascinates me.

Social Issue: Tough to decide! Don't they all interconnect, anyhow?

What my mom might say: I am stubborn and very self-assertive.

Tammy said...

I, too, am cleaning out a room today and read your post and conversation starters while I was on a break. :o) I put my answers here -

Anonymous said...

OK, I can't seem to pick just one of anything!
So...would love to visit Africa and Samoa and Tonga or Vanuatu
Would love to learn to speak Maori and Afrikaans
My soap boxes would be (for my own country) corruption, government having too much power, and (for underdeveloped nations), poverty, and corrupt regimes/governments.
I'm a terrible procrastinator... poor mum.

Anonymous said...

::Name one place you would like to see before you die.
Language: nothing I'm truly willing to work at and learn, but I'm teaching french and will start latin and now the kids want to learn Greek. Right. We'll be lucky if we get through french.

What social issue concerns you the most? See smallworldat home's answer. I liked it a lot. What is your favorite soapbox? If you were here in person, you'd hear time and again that there's so many defeated/discouraged Christians in the church and they don't even know it. Then I'd point you to and tell you what an amazing ministry it is. Then you'd get tired of hearing about it and move away from me. ;)

Mom's challenge with me: 1) I'm too much like her 2) mouthy, probably. So there's two challenges.

Fun blog today! Hope your room looks awesome.

Heidi said...

I'm enjoying reading through everyone's responses!

I would like to visit Italy (and Greece) before I die.

I wish I spoke both French and Spanish. I know a little Spanish and an even smaller amount of French, but I hope to learn more before my kids graduate. We are also starting Latin in January. Wahoo!

Social Issue: Hmmm. I think I'm with SmallWorld on this one as well. :)

Mom's Challenge: I was extremely emotional as a child. Fearful, worrier, took things personally, didn't like change....

Elise said...

Ok, so I love to talk and really liked this little questionnaire.
I would love to go back to Spain.

I don't really want to learn this, but just for the sake of knowing how the symbols translates into words I would say Chinese.

I am very much pro-life, anti-Obama. You really don't want to get me started. I also don't get how someone can go to church, claim to be Christian and yet live a lifestyle that is contrary.

My mother would say I was perfect. Really. She's in denial. I would say that I was mouthy somewhat and talked back.

Sonya said...

Hi Heidi,

I am writing in for the first time, since invited :) You and your lovely blog have been so inspirational and encouraging to me since I happily found it via my friend Lisa Leonard (its the little things ). You are truly a kindred spirit! I am a mother of 4 and homeschool classically :)

It would be a dream come true to visit the Holy Land of Israel and walk where Jesus walked and to see the places where He will come again! What an experience that would be...... to be in the places where He healed, bled, wrestled with His will, choosing to yield to His Father's. Our example to follow.

I would enjoy learning Norwegian, the tongue of one of my backgrounds.

I am most concerned with how far we have strayed from God's Nature/Design in regard to Marriage and to the sanctity of all life.

The biggest challenge I presented to my Mom was my decision to leave NJ to attend college in MN, resulting in huge geographic distances between us since. My folks currently reside in pastoral Upstate NY, (Salem) and I in SO Cal. We remain best friends, though, through phone calls and ichats :)


Anonymous said...

Oh, interesting one! Here are my answers:

Place to see: Thailand, Italy, Egypt (ok, I have a list of like ten places to see before I die, but those are the biggies)

Foreign language: Arabic or Japanese . . . I`ve already mastered the one I really wanted, Spanish.

Social concern: Immigration and deportation . . . don`t get me started.

Big challenge: Oh man. I was NOT an easy kid. I know the biggest problem for her was keeping me from being a mini mom to my sisters and bossing and disciplining them all the time. She`s told me so. :S Maybe I was just practicing for my two little rascals.

Tabitha said...

Oooo, good questions.
1. Before I die, I'd like to visit Ireland, where my great-grandparents immigrated from
2. Spanish would certainly be helpful here in AZ but I'd love to have learned French.
3. Soap boxes....oh, I have so many!! :) Most of my biggees relate to pregnancy/childbirth/mothering and how moms pay more attention to the media and strangers' opinions than they do their own ideals and intuition. You name it, I soap box about it: fertility awareness, natural childbirth, the family bed, gentle discipline, home schooling...the list goes on!!
4. Hmm, my mom had a pretty easy time with me! :) I was very sensitive emotionally, so that may have been an issue.

Barb said...

Place to see: Paris, and be supplied with lots or Euros!
Foreign Language: French - not really but I tried it for 2 weeks in college and love how it sounds but hate how it's written and not pronounced.
Social Issues: Taxes, Abortion
Biggest Challenge: When I was a teen I was filled with angst and did little to communicate my feelings, probably didn't know how. I gave my mom h@ll!

A said...

Greetings! I have been reading your lovely blog for a while. Thanks for sharing and the opportunity to share!
1. I would like to see ... a few from the list..Garmish, BVI's, Alaska, Israel, Ireland, Paris...
2. Latin
3. The decline of the family & the inability to assume responsibility.
4. Being the first child.
: )

Trish said...

1. Antartica
2. Italian
3. Personal responsibility
4. Way too empathetic and sensitive (I cried so hard at Little House on the Prairie she couldn't let me watch it anymore)

Gail said...

Interesting. I have just discovered your blog, via random link clicking. Lovin' it. Ive enjoyed reading the comments of others too.

I am from New Zealand (yes, I speak a little maori) I married a californian, lived in Santa Cruz for 2 years and now we are in Bologna Italy. So what a mixture I am.
I like your questions and may have to steal them for my post tonight on my own blog. lol.
:: to visit - Petra, Jordan
:: I wish I knew Italiano, it would be very helpful in my day to day life. I am learning, slowly...but I wish I already knew how to converse freely. It's lonely without a common language.
:: Social Issue, decline of the family. Soapbox, Inequality of resources.
::My mother - hmm. Lying.

kamilshka said...

I'm very new to your blog, but really enjoying hearing all about your homeschooling (I have no kids but i love everything to do with learning! So i love hearing how you go about it) and loving your gorgeous photography. Might as well jump in and answer your questions. :P

:: Greenland
:: Finnish. I've learnt a bit but then stopped (i'm learning several other languages) so i want to get back to it sometime.
:: I steer clear from politics and sociology mostly as i feel overwhelmed and depressed by it all. But one thing particularly concerns me about society, and that is how easily we blame, and how rarely we attempt to empathise and *understand*.
:: Being weirdly introverted. ;P

I'm interested to see your answers, too. :)

kamilshka said...

Aha, you already answered. You sound like you were *exactly* like me as a child. And i'm still an awful lot like that. The world is too scary sometimes! :P

Laurel said...

I finally answered these by posting myself! Always fun.

chicago_mom said...

Visit: Spain

Language: I know a little Spanish, but I'd like to be fluent. And Russian.

Social Issue: children in the inner city. I'd like them to be not bored as they enter their teen years. I think boredom accounts for a lot of deviant behavior. I know it accounts for mine! ;)

Challenge to my mom: keeping me entertained. I wanted to be taken somewhere constantly.

And also, my dark thoughts. I was a stressed-out theologian by the tender age of 6.