Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hail and Well Met!

Our second year of attending the Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire was an even greater success. The temperature was perfect, all three boys did most of their own walking, the crowds weren't bad, and the jousting tournament was excellent! (Oh, and no bee stings this year!)

My favorite part of the faire is people watching. A huge number of festival-goers come in full dress (in addition to the extensive staff in costume).

We sat on hay bales, watching various performances.



The boys were enthralled with a little girl spinning wool.

They each were allowed to try their hand (and foot) at spinning.

Did I mention that the jousting tournament was excellent? Much more organized and professional this year.
Skills course, full jousting, sword fighting, the works!
The colors were vivid on this bright, sunny day!

We headed home. Tired and hot, but happy and satisfied with a day well spent!


Precision Quality Laser said...

How fun! Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos :)

Lora @ my blessed life said...

What a fun day! This faire looks much more authentic than the one I visited in our area. That one was a little creepy:)

Unknown said...

Phenomenal. My family would LOVE this!

heather said...

What a great experience-some year we need to go and do this!

Ilex's dress looks great! Is that the one she was sewing with your mom?