Monday, May 18, 2009


Family Silhouette 1

Experimenting with silhouettes.... it is the upcoming theme for i heart faces.
Now I can't pick a favorite!

(Susan, I hope I did you proud. Grin.)

Family Silhouette Collage

Family Silhouette 2


Diana said...

Heidi, you're going to have me glued to the computer all day checking for more gems! Beautiful!!!

Many, many, many thanks.

Skeller said...

Oh Heidi!!!!!! These are stunning! They take my breath away. They make my heart smile - these and the darling red-checkered-dress girl by the red barn pictures.

You have a very special "eye" for creating and capturing beauty.

Well done, my friend. :-)

Unknown said...

Did you already know how to do them, or did you just learn? I love them : ). WOW : ). Very pretty setting!

Beverly said...

so nice and beautiful!

Unknown said...

I've been practicing mine too, these are great.

Heasleye said...

LOVE these silhouettes, Heidi! Fantastic! The setting and framing really adds to them. So very well done!