Saturday, November 21, 2009

Field Trip #9 ~ Evergreen Aviation, Take 2

Evergreen Aviation

Now this was more like it.
Leif spent the day with my mom
while I took Levi and Luke to the Evergreen Aviation Homeschool Day
Ilex increased the 'adult' child ratio to 1:1. Ahhhhh.

(Drake was with us as well, but participated in the activities for grades 5-12.)
Thank you, thank you, Ilex. You're a gem!!

The theme for the day?
The Wright brothers and Louis Bleriot, the invention process, and simple machines.

(Aha! So that's why we were reading those books....)

Our day started off with the IMAX show: The Magic of Flight.
Incredible!!!! We got to fly with the Blue Angels!! Yeah, Baby!!

Then off to tour the aviation museum.
Da Vinci's flying maching, the Wright Bros., Bleriot, and Howard Hughes and the Spruce Goose.
After lunch, we had a class on the invention process and simple machines.
Various stations were set up for experimenting with gears, pulleys, and more.

Then the kids got to invent their own games.

Much, much easier than the engineering projects last time. (Sigh of relief.)
We even had a little extra time to see more of the museum. What a gorgeous place!

The Wright Bros.

Museum Tour


If you have never seen the Spruce Goose in person, it is hard to fathom it's colossal size.
It has the largest wingspan and height of any aircraft in history. Whew!!
And it is made out of wood.

Spruce Goose

Aviation Museum

Aviation Museum 2


Lynn Geddie said...

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Unknown said...

wow. MAJOR field trip envy over here. just.... wow.