Thursday, November 26, 2009

To Grandfather's House We Go...

On the Thanksgiving Menu

We're off, braving the two mile trek through the country (grin) to spend the day with family.
This photo is from two years ago, but we are all about tradition around here.
I'm adding Swedish Limpa (bread) and Orange Cream Souffle (mousse-like jello salad) to the menu, as always.
Shannon and I spent yesterday evening together making bread dressing and watching a romantic comedy.
We walked/ran this morning in the rain so that we wouldn't have to feel quite so badly about the amount of food we will surely eat this afternoon....

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone!!

(Living. Lovely. will go up late this evening or tomorrow.)

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Jen Rouse said...

My daughter looked at this photo on your page and said, "That's a lot of eating!"

What else is there to be said about a Thanksgiving post?