Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I {heart} Netflix

Eight and a half glorious hours of Dickens.
Instant play. Oh, how I love Netflix.
Bleak House was fabulous.
I can't fathom watching it in several episodes over time (as it was shown on PBS).
I could barely stand to stretch it out over two evenings.

Just as with Little Dorrit, BBC is unparalleled at making Dickens come alive.


aspiritofsimplicity said...

I have never seen Bleak House before or even read the book (I am embarrassed to admit) I loved seeing Little Dorrit though so I may have to rent Bleak House to watch one of these cold winter days we have coming up.

Barb said...

i just watched this 3 sundays ago - the whole day - nothing but dickens. it's slow at the start but becomes compelling fairly quickly i love netflix instant watch

Anonymous said...

Watched this earlier this year and loved it!
I just got done reading Jane Eyre per your recommendation--don't know why I'd never read it. Thank you. It was SO meaningful and something I really needed right now. Of course, I had to see the recent MT version right after, too. :)
I love your blog! You inspire me.