Sunday, November 29, 2009

Senior Photo Session #3

Senior 2

One more senior photo session to share!
This has been such a crazy year for me as far as my photography goes.
I'm not really advertising or searching out clients,
and honestly I'm not really at a place where I feel comfortable doing so (for a bunch of reasons).
BUT, I'm elated (and terrified) when photo session opportunities fall into my lap.
This is the third senior session I was asked to do this fall when I had no expectations of doing any,
but I've much appreciated gaining a bit of experience on these brave people.
And, golly, it sure does help my photography look good when they are GORGEOUS to start with. Grin.



BushBelles said...

What gorgeous pictures you take. If you lived near me is Australia I would love to have you take pictures for me. Great work.

jodi said...

heidi, you need never doubt your work and skillful eye which is a *gift* you've been given... God is just blessing your willingness to use that gift :)

Anonymous said...

This beautiful girl's resemblance to the singer/ songwriter, Jewell, is uncanny!

--April H.

Karen said...

Great work- My husband is wanting to purchase a new camera for me this Christmas- do you mind me asking what kind you have?