Saturday, October 22, 2011

At the Fire Station

Field trips haven’t been much of a priority lately. I’m not big on hauling around three boys and a baby to do something ‘fun.’ It usually isn’t. I guess I’m not the fun mom. That, and we have a lot to do during the week! After spending much of our Monday at Classical Conversations, it’s tough if we have another thing scheduled during the week. Even if an outing should only take an hour or two, it seems the whole day is shot before I blink an eye!

When we had an opportunity to go visit the fire station, though, there was no way I could say no. Luke is so determined that he will be a paramedic/firefighter when he grows up. He browses the National Fire Protection Association catalog like it was a toy catalog (and circles everything). What a goose.

So we managed to get out the door (sans baby) and had a wonderful time. Those firefighters are great sports, for sure.

At the Fire Station Firetruck


Lisa said...

We rarely accomplish anything else on field trip days, even if we are gone for only a couple of hours. :)

I've yet to take my kiddos to a fire station but have always wanted to.

Anonymous said...

we {heart} firefighters at our house too! my daughter, carissa, is having a baby {due december 28} and the daddy is a firefighter! have a great day heidi!