Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Today and the Hideout Explorers

I would take 100 days like today. Cool morning. Gorgeous sunshine. 70 degree afternoon. A productive day of lessons. The cutest baby girl in the whole world. Leif spending the afternoon running errands with his grandma and working in the yard with his grandpa. A scenic drive through the sun-soaked countryside—fields a shocking, vivid green from the recent rain. Piano lesson for Luke. A play area in the middle of a filbert orchard. Watching tractors dart through the dark passages of the orchard, harvesting the nuts within feet of where we played. (Why, oh why didn’t I have my camera with me?) Levi swinging with Lola. Leif pushing a toy tractor through the gravel. A flock of geese flying overhead. Barbequed steak, roasted cabbage, and spinach and fruit smoothies for dinner. An episode of Psych (or Piescotch, as Leif calls it) before bed. Life is so good.

The boys spent quite a bit of time outside since the weather was so beautiful. My grandpa requested video of the boys showing off  their hideout. The boys were thrilled to oblige, so these are for you, Grandpa! (It was really bright and sunny, and I lack mad video skillz, so you might have to use your imagination.)

And just for random, unedited fun, we'll add in a couple pictures of Lola hanging out, drinking out of her sippy cup, and walking while pushing a stool around. (Still not walking on her own, yet.) Lola hanging out


Anonymous said...

Thank You! what a great view of your (the boy's) secret paths and hide outs. We can picture them so well.It is like your Mom had in Tangier. Ask her.


Anonymous said...

{oh} to have such a place of adventure in our back yard. thanks for sharing beautiful heidi! i'm sure your boys and my {zach} would get along smashingly!

jamie in michigan

Tsh @ Simple Mom said...

We had a gorgeous day over here on the other side of the mountains, too! I feel like I'm experiencing my first "real" fall. I'm continually amazed at the colors.

christine m said...

Can I be a part of your family???? Please!!! You guys have so much fun together - I know my two girls would have such fun with your boys (and baby girl, too). Thank you so much for showing us these great glimpses into your lives -