Friday, October 21, 2011


Our Family

We celebrated my dad's birthday a little while ago. It was a great excuse for getting the whole family pictures that were waaaay overdue. The last time my whole family got pictures taken together was when Levi was a baby!! Our photographer friend, Bethany Haile, was so kind to help us out.

Have I mentioned that I have the coolest family, ever?! (Yeah, you’re probably sick of hearing about it.) Just this morning I was thinking about how long we’ve all been together. Holly and Casey have been married for 19 years! Ilex is 15, Drake is almost 14, and Ivy is 7. You aren’t going to believe it, but those newlyweds (Shannon and Ben) in the middle? Together for 20 years. Yep. Married for 14. Russ and I have been married for 15 years. Awesome stuff.

Mom and Dad have been married for 42 years!!!

Mom and Dad

The ladies of the family:

The Ladies

Dad always said God knew what He was doing when He gave Dad all girls. And Dad was happy to add boys to the family the easy way. The guys never get the picture taken all together, so I'm thrilled we got this one:

The Guys

And a post is never complete without Lola Love:

Lola ~ 1 year

My mom has more pictures on her blog, Treading on Moss. We totally failed to get a wonderful picture of just our family. The boys were having a rough time standing still, looking at the camera, and managing a pleasant expression (as you can tell from the outtakes on Mom’s blog).


Timi said...

You have a WONDERFUL family, Heidi!!!
Thank you for the pictures!!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing your family pictures. they are amazing! i'm 42 and always get {you don't look old enough to have twins that are 22}. i always give thanks and praise to the young genes on both sides of my family. looks like your family has the same exact genes! you all look so young.


Hannah said...

I did a double take when I looked at the first photo ... your niece Ilex looks like she couldn't possibly be the daughter of your sister. In fact, at first I thought *she* was the mom!

In case that's a totally ridiculous thing to say ... you have a lovely family. Truly. And I'm slightly jealous that you all live near each other!

Lauren said...

What a lovely family! I love the way you captured everyone together. So priceless!

Skeller said...

omgoodness - I LOVE that your WHOLE family is in these beautiful photos!! and that barn backdrop is pretty phenomenal :-). really enjoyed the "outtakes" on your mom's blog (and gosh, can I ever sympathize with the difficulties in getting 3 boys to cooperate photographically all at the same time!)