Monday, October 17, 2011

Six Weeks In

CC Class

We completed week 6 of Classical Conversations today. That means we are already 1/4 of the way through our year! Well, in work if not time, anyway. We’ve also gotten a good start on our other lessons. Not anywhere near 1/4 of the way through our regular year, but I’m happy with our progress. As I mentioned before, I will be posting our reading lists and such on a monthly basis rather than weekly, but I’d like to keep posting general updates or photos as I have time or inclination.

The boys are doing really well in their CC classes. Just as last year, I think each of their tutors is doing a fabulous job. The boys are so comfortable with the routine. In general, things are going so smoothly. That’s not to say the boys aren’t still being their normal boyish selves, but that’s a given. {grin}

Hymns and Art @ CC

It is strange to think that I had a two week old baby at this stage of the game last year!! I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have Lola in the nursery this year and not have to juggle taking care of her while sitting in the classes. It seems that she is adjusting very well to being in the care of others for one morning each week, and it is quite possible that being in the nursery is as good for her as the classes are for the boys.

Recess (Yeah, some days we have a hard time getting baby out of jammies...)

Life and lessons are good at home. We’re just plugging away. There are always ways to improve, things that need planning and organizing, and things falling through the cracks (like, say, dinner), but that’s a fact of life. One thing at a time, one minute at a time. At least my house is staying relatively clean thanks to my new friend, April. {You’re the best, April!!}

Luke and Lola reading

And that’s about it for today’s update, but I have lots more posts to share this week if I can squeeze in some time for blogging!

Levi and a stack of books


April said...

Your bog makes me smile! I love the pics!

Bella Art Girl said...

CC! I think I need to do a posty on Wilder's journey this year - it is amazing to see them launching into this new phase of learning. Thanks for the glimpse. I am so glad we are on a similar journey

Danielle said...

We're probably joining a CC next year and your posts on the subject have been helpful! And, my little Sophia has those exact same jammies!

Anonymous said...

Boy! Levi is really intent on that book about physics. Loved the pictures as always!! Grandma

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the 'jammies' days - plenty of time to get dressed when you are older :) Love the pics! Blessings! ~Connie (in Tualatin)