Friday, October 14, 2011

Meet Levi

I know, I know. It’s about time. I finally got him under three minutes. His other videos wouldn’t load for some very odd reason. But I think this one is going to work.

Did anyone enjoy seeing the ‘real us’ rather than just pictures? I’m thinking I should make videos a regular feature here at Mt. Hope. But I’m getting a little tired of doing the interviewing. Does anyone have any burning questions for a member of the Mt. Hope family? Share them in the comments. We’ll see if we can get them answered!

ETA: Did anyone catch Luke in the background? He’s shouting, “I found gold! I actually found gold!” (He was panning for gold in the driveway with a tennis racket. Now, if that isn’t a realistic moment of my life with boys, I don’t know what is.) {big grin}


Heasleye said...

I LOVE your boys! Wish we weren't so far apart. They all make me smile.
Yay, Levi!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Levi. That was a good presentation. Thanks Heidi for persevering to get that for us. Grandma

Beth said...

That was awesome, Levi! loved the impersonation, btw. ha! Heidi, I admit I was a little scared to watch your interviews. I mean, I have you built up in my head (!) and I sure didn't want the REAL you to ruin the you I think I know after years of following your blog. Does that sound harsh? I wasn't disappointed. :) Your writing gives an accurate impression of you guys. I wasn't surprised and was very pleased. I enjoyed these videos. Thank you for all your hard work.

Timi said...

I enjoyed seeing the "real" you and I like your photos, too :o)!!!
Thanks for sharing it!!!

Anonymous said...

{ha} he's a cutie. that was great.

jamie in michigan

Hannah said...

Oh, Heidi! How do you ever keep a straight face with these boys? Do you just laugh all day?! I mean, the words are funny enough, but the FACIAL expressions! The eyebrows! The silently mouthed asides!
And the fact that he has you nailed -- "Mom wants me to say ..." ;-) (My kids are the same that way, BTW.)

You're inspiring me to try my hand at making a video!

carole said...

So fun! Ian watched and immediately recognized the impersonation (we love How to Train Your Dragon). Our boys wanted to videotape themselves (is it called that anymore) and so we'll have to figure out how to send our interviews for your boys' viewing pleasure.

Heidi said...

Beth~ You're so sweet!! I'm glad you enjoyed the videos. :) (And, really, we are just real, everyday people. :))

Hannah~ It is never-ending entertainment around here. All three of the boys have had the most expressive faces since very early in their babyhood. It is rather hilarious...

Carole~ Oh, do!! We'd love to see your boys in action. :)