Saturday, October 22, 2011

Swim, Levi. Swim.

Swim, Levi, Swim

We spent a couple hours at a mini meet. Just the way I like them. Mini, I mean. So much easier than full days spent at a packed swim venue. (Not so terrible when I was a newlywed coach’s wife. Not so wonderful as a mom of 4 little people.) Russ is in charge of Levi, which is nice, as well as helping out with the team and competing himself! Luke likes to wander around unattended (sigh), but both Leif and Lola need a lot of mom attention. Today there was lots of room on the bleachers, so Luke and Leif spent some time drawing together. I had the playpen up for Lola, which meant my hands were free to hold a camera. And there weren’t 500 people in my way. Wahoo!!

Hanging out at the swim meet Lola hanging out at swim meet

Levi seems to really enjoy being on the swim team. He swims three days a week for an hour each day. It is so good for him. I think the water is good for him. The exercise is good for him. Learning swim skills is good for him. Being a part of a team is good for him. Competition is good for him (both winning and losing). Spending time with his dad is good for him. All around, it’s been a great fit.

Levi swimming

And a picture of Russ leaving the young whipper-snappers in his dust. (Nicely done, Honey.)

Russ swimming


Hannah said...

Is this the swim team for which Levi has perfect attendance, as we learned in his video? :-)

I think it's totally cool that your husband still does swim team.

. said...


this is e mail from Belgium.
I'm a big fan of your family.
I read everything you write, but I wonder what your town looks like.
I already saw a glimp of your house. But I wonder... do you have to drive far for clubs and things?
What is it like living on the other side of the planet?
I write too in Dutch... (Blabla...vertel)
Keep up the good work!

Ils Klijnsma

Heasleye said...

Yay, swim team! Go Levi and Russ! :) A mini-meet with space on the bleachers...what a nice concept. That doesn't happen very often! So glad you got to take fun photos! :)