Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday, Little Miss Lola Colette!!

Lola With Style Lola @ 1 (again) Lola @ 1 (yet again) Lola in B&W

Oh, what a year it has been!!


Mon Cheri said...

Happy Birthday Lola!
Put your party dress on!
see you this afternoon.
Love 'Bambi & Poppy'

Beth said...

Oh! I didn't realize her birthday is the same as my girl's :) happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Lola!

Have a fun party. Wish we could be there,

Great Gandpa and Great GrandMa

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lola!

Florida Life said...

Happy birthday, sweet baby girl!! She is beautiful :)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Lola! You are a real cutie-pie :)

I love how you have laid out this pix. May I ask - did you add the colour panels in Photoshop or is it some sort of software or app? x

Heidi said...

Amber~ I do the color panels at (which is a fabulous, inexpensive online editing site) by creating a collage, choosing a background color, removing the spaces, and then later cropping the picture so that the 'panel' is the size I want it to be. I often add text as well.