Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Signs and Wonders

In my idea file, I've had a couple pictures of monograms on walls. The idea has been there for years. When we moved into this house, I thought a monogram would be perfect above the bed. I was overwhelmed with other stuff and had a clock that fit perfectly, so I went with that.

Angela asked for advice on decorating her bedroom. As I was perusing the Pottery Barn catalog, I saw that they had monograms available. I suggested that Angela could also go to a sign company and have them make one for her. Jen so nicely offered the suggestion of looking on Now, I had heard often about Etsy, but had never jumped over there to take a look. I'm not sure I should have. That is one cool place!

The timing was perfect, however, because two certain little boys managed to destroy the clock hanging above my bed. I decided to purchase this monogram:

You can't really tell in the picture, but it is chocolate brown which goes nicely with the brown suitcase and dressers in the room. I also could have gone with matte white. I think I would have prefered matte brown (this one is glossy), but I love it anyway. And it is another project done!

I have also been wanting to have a sign made for our driveway. Something really classy that reads, 'Mt. Hope, Established 2006." It is still on the to-do list (maybe by Christmas), but check this out:

There was a bare space above the coat hooks in our entry that just needed 'something.' I have a very bad habit of wanting to fill every bare space. Need to get over that one. However, this is one bare space that bothers me no longer:

What projects are you finally getting around to?


sara said...

Love the monogram above the bed- beautiful!

Suzanne said...

You're going to love your monogram. If you look halfway down on this blog post of mine,

you'll see the one I had made at They make them for Pottery Barn but you can pick your own colors there. Mine is a copper gold and chocolate brown, which matches our antique mantel perfectly. Have fun with it; we have them all over the house as you can well see!

Wendy said...


Would you mind sharing which seller on etsy you used? Also, what size did you get? I've been wanting to do something like this, but they are over $70 at Pottery Barn.

elliottsurf said...

I'd love to know which seller you used on etsy also! I especailly like the one that says Mt. Hope! Very Nice!

Heidi said...

Suzanne~ I loved the wall words you place in your home. Beautiful! I checked out Definitely could spend a lot there!!

Wendy and elliotsurf~ The monogram was from the seller paigemtyler:

The 'established' sign was from Elephannie:

Fun, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Love your new wall decor! I'm just finishing our MBR,Am getting ready to re-do my guest room set-up. I want a peaceful aqua sort of color. Is the paint color the same in your room as your boy's? Do you remember the paint brands and colors by chance? They are very pretty in the pictures.

Heidi said...

Mary~ Yes, the paint in our bedroom is almost the same as in the boy's room. I love it! Our bedroom is Celery (Ralph Lauren). Very close are Gentle Tide (Glidden) and Valley Mist (Behr). Happy painting!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Heidi!

Beth said...

Sorry to hear that your great clock is broken, but that monogram looks so good! What a simple classic look. I love to be brave and paint words/ verses on the wall. Soon I'm going to paint above our bed in chocolate brown the quote "I dropped a tear in the ocean and when they find it I'll stop loving you, only then." (Our bedroom is kind of beach themed) I love your wall color too. Ours is very similar ("spa"- BEHR). We have a similar PB quilt on our bed also!

Jenny said...

I have looked at all the etsy wall art stuff. It is great.
I just added something to my dining room wall, but ended up making it myself.
I like your monogram and the Mt Hope sign.