Friday, July 24, 2009

All Good Things Must Come to an End

Day 6

Pack up. Again.
Drive north to Larrabee State Park in Bellingham.
Visit the beach while waiting for our campsite to free up.
Head to our new friends' home for the afternoon and evening.
Realize our trailer battery died.
Search around for some flashlights
so we can find our beds.

Day 7

Decide to stay at Larrabee for an extra night (instead of heading south to Seattle) so we can spend the whole afternoon on the beach.

Day 8

Drag our weary bodies home.
Glad we decided against sight-seeing in Seattle for the day
as we watch the rain pour down.
Lots of reading aloud to make the drive more enjoyable.

Driving Rain

Mom and Dad and Ilex and Drake drive over
to help us quickly unload the trailer.
How nice is that?!
Just glad to be home and in our own beds.

Time of Wonder

Read Time of Wonder by Robert McCloskey with the boys.
(Thanks for the recommendation, Colleen. We love it.)
Marvel and wonder at the similarities between
the children's vacation on the islands and our own island vacation...
even starting and ending with the rain.

Place our beach treasures on the 'nature table'
in the boys' bedroom.

And remember.


Anonymous said...

So enjoying your vacation post. Born and raised in Washington. Met my husband in Bellingham. And, have now lived in Oregon for the past 9 years. Thanks for sharing!

Would you share pics of the 'nature table' ~ I would love to see it :) Used to do that sort of thing in my classroom. Now, as a homeschooling family, not sure what that would look like...

Thanks! ~Connie H

cmhesh at yahoo dot com

Heidi said...

Connie~ You're looking at it. :) Seriously, I just use the top of my boys' dresser in their room. I've set a large cookie sheet on top to contain the small stuff (moss, twiggy nests, sand, etc.). It is all very informal and simple. I prefer it to be up a little higher so that the 2 yo doesn't get into it...

Unknown said...

Thanks for the recommendation on Time of Wonder. My boys loved Homer Price and I don't know why it has never occurred to me to see if McCloskey wrote other short stories. We love his pictures books, too!

Sounds like you are enjoying your summer! Thanks for the inspiration and simple words you are posting with your pictures!

our little acorns said...

A belated welcome to our neck of the woods! Larrabee is where my husband proposed to me :)refoo