Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Full Day With Friends

Fun @ Nancy's

(Interrupting the vacation parade of photos to bring you this day with friends...)

I am feeling abundantly blessed and rich in friends. This blog has opened up worlds to me in many ways, but I especially treasure the relationships it has brought me. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon and early evening with Travelin' Nan and Bella Art Girl. They visited my home last summer, and we had planned to get together last fall. Our get-together was indefinitely postponed by Bella Art Girl's tragic accident. She has been recovering over the past months, and it finally worked out for us to head down to their neck of the woods.

We started out at Nancy's house. She served a wonderful lunch, and the boys played like crazy in the back yard. I didn't take many photos because it was delicious to sit, relax, and engage in conversation.

I've been sitting here thinking of words to describe Nancy and Maricel. I don't think words do them justice. To begin with, the friendship between the two of them is magical. The way they accept and encourage me is beyond what I can explain. They are just plain beautiful and lovely in every way.

We then headed over to a local park. I didn't think I would ever be able to tear Luke and Levi away from the large sand pit with the water feature. The rest of us spent quite a bit of time on the side-lines, under the shady trees, enjoying popsicles. Lily and Evander were good sports and rolled down the grassy hilly with Leif, over and over again. Little Miss Wilder and Leif played chase, often corralled by the extrememly helpful Emma. Nancy and Maricel refer to her as CinderEmma. All I know is that I would like to take her home with me. What a gem!

Fun @ the Park

We ended the day with homemade pizza and cookies at Maricel's home. I am now in the mood to paint my whole house interesting colors. And create. And feel. And think. Maricel is quite the artist. Her masterpieces are scattered about the house. I couldn't stop gazing at them.

Fun @ Maricel's

I even had the pleasure of conversing with Maricel and her husband, Tucker, on the subject of homeschooling. Tucker began a thoughtful series on homeschooling on his blog, PilgrimAkimbo. I encourage you to head on over and begin reading!

Thank you, Nancy and Maricel, for your hospitality and friendship. I am blessed to know you!!


Colleen said...

Wait just a darn minute here. You have other friends?! And, what's more, you spent the day with them a mere two days after returning from a week-long vacation? You, my dear, are far more the social butterfly than I realized. I am all astonishment. ;-)

Susan said...

And you didn't call me! Boo Hoo!

Heidi said...

Colleen~ Not bad for this sad little wall-flower, eh? It probably astonishes me even more than it does you. ;-P I'm going to blame the state of my house, laundry pile and to-do list on all this 'healthy socialization.' The next two days will be quiet get-er-done days. Then we're off to our annual family reunion. :)

Susan~ Aren't you supposed to be moving? We didn't want to distract you from your to-do list. Ha! As soon as you get moved in, I'm coming to visit. :)

travelin' nan said...

You and your fam are welcome any time, girl, any time.