Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lopez Island

Day 4

Up bright and early. Well, early anyway. Note the gray world and drizzling rain.
Pack the truck with camping gear. Gulp. Leave the trailer behind at Deception Pass. Sigh.
Switch bike rack to truck. Get in line for the ferry ride to Lopez Island.

Cool, Wet, and Gray

The ferry ride entertains children and parents alike in spite of the weather.
First time on a big boat for the boys.

Ferry to Lopez

Hammin' it Up

A deer on the side of the road greets us as we get off the ferry.
Snag one of the last camping spots on the island (at Spencer's Spit) and breathe a sigh of relief.
Set up tent in the rain. Drive off to explore the island.
Buy lunch at the market, eat at a picnic table outside during a break in the weather,
and browse the local historical museum.

Camping on Lopez

Head back to camp.
Ride bikes down to Spencer's Spit and play on beach. Gather rocks and shells.
Make our way back to our tent to turn in early.
Eat Fruit Loops while watching a movie on Russ's laptop until the battery runs dead...


carole said...

As we were heading out for just a weekend of camping my mother in law said, "You are being a very good mother!" (it was raining) "You are making memories."
Great job, Heidi, going camping with your men - making memories for years to come!

Jackie said...

Speaking of memories...these pics were a "blast from my past" this morning. Sitting here in Nebraska and seeing pictures of Lopez Is. where we would visit with family has just made my day...have a fun trip and thanks for sharing! I enjoy your blog and marvel at your photography. Smiles!