Thursday, July 23, 2009

San Juan Island

Day 5

Now THAT is more like it. Seriously.
Blue skies. Sunshine. White, fluffy clouds. I'll take it.

Eat more Fruit Loops.
Pack up camp. Get a ticket for the ferry.
Back to town to grab a bite to eat at the market.
Visit yesterday's picnic table.
Back to board the ferry.

That's More Like It

Enjoy the view from the ferry.
Luke discovers puzzles on the tables inside.
Luckily we can still see the view from the window...
Arrive at Friday Harbor, San Juan Island.

Ferry to San Juan Island

Have a bite to eat at an outdoor cafe overlooking the harbor.
Visit laundromat #2 (drat that pesky rain yesterday!).
Browse a few shops.

Lunch @ Friday Harbor

Visit the beautiful lavender farm (and visiting sculpture).
Browse the gatehouse gift shop.
Taste-test the lavender vanilla ice cream. Oh. My. Goodness. Heavenly.

Lavender Farm


Off to admire the sculptures at the outdoor sculpture park.
Suddenly very hot. How did that happen?!

Sculpture Park

Sculpture Park (2)

Back to the ferry dock to wait in line.
Browse a few more shops while the boys stay in the truck and read.
Ahhhhh. Solitude.

Ferry ride #3. The natives get restless.

Back to Deception Pass.
Bask in the sunset.
Late dinner and crash into bed.

Sunset Again


carole said...

Oh my! The lavender!

grandma and grandpa said...

Really beautiful pictures of that area!! and I especially like the "sculpture" in the upper right hand corner of your visit to the sculpture park. Grandma

Mon Cheri said...

Oh My! what a difference a little sunshine makes.Dazzling Photos!

jodi said...

oh, my! you west coasters have so much to offer. must put san juan island on our list of must-see places to visit!

great pics--

Heather said...

I'm thoroughly enjoying this tag-along ride, Heidi-- I've only seen the west coast (and its surrounding areas) in pictures. In fact, aside from Hawaii, the farthest west I've ever been is Colorado. How I'd love to see your neck of the woods one day. Lovely... truly!

p.s. Fruit Loops are a vacation favorite here, too :)

Alysa said...

Hi Heidi,

Your pics are fantastic! Quick blog question for you - i notice you use blogspot (as do I), and i'm wondering how you get your pictures to be so big - mine are probably half has wide as yours are. Did you do something custom to get them to be so wide? Any tips you could give would be most helpful.

-alysa (

Anonymous said...

I am really enjoying your pictures of your family trip to Washington state. Stan and I spend most of our vacations there because of all the beautiful water, and fun places to visit.
Carole K.

Precision Quality Laser said...

How do you find all these wonderful places? I live in your same state and I have never heard of them! (Albeit, my family was never much of a camping family...growing up anyway, we have yet to try it with the kiddos along!) Love the photos!