Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Day at Deception Pass

Day 3

Russ takes Levi and Luke for a bike ride around the park while Leif and I sleep in...

Deception Pass

State Park

Bike riding and reading around camp (perfect area with trees and small hills for bike obstacle course and Leif really enjoyed his new-found skill!!):

Reading and Biking

Back to the beach with the whole family. Building a shelter and gathering rocks...

Stones and Shelter
Packing in 90 degree heat and arriving in 50 degree wet weather means running out of jeans and sweatshirts very early in the week. Time for the laundromat (and quite a novelty for the boys). Have some pizza while we're in town...

Hanging Out at Anacortes

Might as well turn in early since it is raining, and we have an early start tomorrow...


Diane said...

Oh you're making me miss the outdoor lifestyle of the Northwest!!! Lived in Washington for nine years. Now I'm back home down south. I really enjoy your blog and all the photos.

Simply Me... said...

Hi Heidi, it's been so long since I've been here loving all the picture's hope to start taking some more myself... have a happy week :D