Thursday, July 16, 2009

Let's Go Back to the Beginning...

Shall We?

This sequential person is going about this all wrong. I started with the end of our vacation, interrupted with a current event, and I'm finally going back to where I should have started: the beginning!

Russ had July 3rd 'off,' but ended up working on a consulting job all day. My mom invited us over for dinner, and we didn't exactly get in early. Not a great start for vacation prep!

I didn't want to travel on the 4th and hoped to spend some time enjoying the evening, at least. My grandparents were in town and it was important to take advantage of that. My whole family went back and forth trying to decide how best to celebrate the day. That is, until we heard that a close friend was going to be participating in a Civil War Re-Enactment Camp. Ta-da! An event to attend. We were planning on watching the 3 o'clock battle. (Perfect. I could get a few things accomplished in the morning before heading out.) When we realized it would be in the 90s, the plan was quickly changed to arrive before the 11 o'clock battle. Hmmm. Out the door at 9:30 am.

My parents, my mom's parents, my two sisters, their husbands, my niece and nephew, a French foreign exchange student (staying with Holly), and my boy clan. Whew! And hot, hot, hot. At least we weren't wearing wool uniforms and fighting on the battlefield!

The battle was well-acted. So many soldiers. The canons rattled my whole body. Quite incredible to experience. I think the camps were even more fascinating, though. I can't believe how many people participate in this group. The tents went on and on and on. Almost everything is open for visitors to explore, and the re-enactors are happy to show people around and explain things. They try to have all the details period-appropriate. What dedication. So many families were participating together. I'm guessing history really comes alive for those children!

Russ took many of the following photographs, as both of us had cameras in hand. (And, yes, I know, it is a lot of photos, but you should see all the ones I left out!!!)

Civil War Battle (1)

Civil War Battle (2)

Civil War Battle (3)

Civil War Camp (1)

Civil War Camp (2)

Civil War Camp (3)

Me, in action:

Photography in Action

Oh, and then we headed over to my uncle's house (Dad's brother) for swimming, BBQ, and chatting with even more family.

(Hmmm. Vacation hasn't technically started. Come to think of it, I haven't packed and we're leaving in the morning....)

Swimming & Family


Trish said...

Great pics! Thanks for posting. I saw some on FB, but wanted to see the famous "wine bottle of coke" for myself. :)


Molly Anne said...

My friend and I were driving through Salem awhile back and saw signs that gave an exit number and simply said, "Civil War" and we had NO CLUE what they were talking about. I'm guessing it was this! Thanks for solving the mystery. :)

Wonderful photos as usual!