Friday, July 17, 2009

And We're Off...


Very surprisingly, we did make it out of the house sometime in the a.m. hours of the 5th. (Maybe because I didn't go to bed until sometime in the a.m. hours of the 5th.) Off on an adventure, on road trip #3 with the boys, towing our camp trailer, headed north. A bit cooler than the scorching 4th and the clouds in the sky were gorgeous.

The scenery heading up to Portland was a familiar landscape. Russ commuted (ugh!) to Portland for over six years and still has personal consulting clients up that way. He regularly took the boys with him (well, not Leif...), and they are pros at riding in the car.

Mt Hood

We stopped for our first night at Seaquest State Park and took in the Mount St. Helens Visitor Center across the road. Levi read Will it Blow?: Become a Volcano Detective at Mount St. Helens, so he was prepared. We watched the movie and explored the exhibits. Our favorite was the large model of the mountain, with stairs down to an underground portion showing the interior of the volcano. Above, we could see the topography of the volcano and the land surrounding it.

Mount St. Helens Visitors Center

It was getting later. And cloudier. We decided to take it easy the first evening and postponed the drive closer to the mountain to the next day. We gazed at the scenery from the visitor center vistas. Humor me and tell me that you can see the mountain in the pictures. Please. It's there, it really is.

Viewing Mount St. Helens

Ah, that is a little better...

Mount St. Helens


Meadow Mountain Musings said...

Your pictures are very lovely! Thanks for sharing!

Kendra said...

Your photos are beautiful. I have been a lurker to your blog for quite some time.

Love the pictures of Mt. St. Helens (or what is left of it). I was 5 when it blew up. I remember the mushroom cloud to this day. She has come back really lovely.

Susan said...

I climbed that mountain with hubby before we were married. Just two months before. It was hard. But I made it to the terrifying top.

jodi said...

love your pictures of mt. st. helens. do you know that when it erupted, my mother (teacher) collected rain in new jersey because it contained ashes from it. it traveled all those miles....

(and i remember well because it was the month my dad disappeared with my brother, and my mom insisted on keeping the ashes to show to her baby boy in the hopes that he would return...)

jodi-who is ecstatic to have internet in her own home again!