Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mount St. Helens to Deception Pass

Am I only on day 2 of our vacation? Good grief.

We spent our first night at the state park near Mount St. Helens. It would have been even more inviting had there not been a militia of monster mosquitoes! I think I lost a pint of blood, and we headed into the trailer early.

The next morning dawned cool and misty. The boys rode their bikes around our camp site (Leif figured out how to ride his little bike with training wheels... I'm so glad Russ brought it along!!). Levi spent some time reading in the great outdoors.

Book Worm in the Woods

We headed up the road. Beautiful day for viewing Mount St. Helens, no?

The Mountain View

Mountain View (2)

Spent some time exploring the Forestry Center...

Forestry Center

Walked up to the look-out....

Forestry Center Look-Out

Lovely view of the clouds...

Mountain View (5)

Mountain View (3)

Mountain View (4)

We then packed up camp and headed north. The drive was dull and gray. The boys read and read and read. We finally made it to Anacortes!

The Drive

Anacortes Ferry

We parked the trailer at Deception Pass State Park and watched the sunset from the beach. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Even if it was cloudy and cool.

Sunset @ Deception Pass

Silhouette @ Deception Pass

Silhouette @ Deception Pass (2)


Heather said...

Wow!! Jeans & jackets... what a treat!

Lovely photos as always, Heidi-- so glad you had a wonderful vacation :)

Mrs. E. said...

Oh, my the last picture is spectacular. Great job. What a fun summer you have had.

Anonymous said...

One thing is certain, Heidi. Without seeing Mt. St. Helen, the beautiful foreground with the wild flowers and green vegetation was more noticable, but a disappointment I'm sure. The pictures of Deception Pass are beautiful!! I can remember going there as a kid but now I see how really beautiful the place is. I think I can guess who is in the last picture. Beautiful scenes all. Grandma

Anonymous said...

That last photo of your son on the cliff is spectacular. Looks like someone was Praising God!!! ~Tera

Beverly said...

great photos!looks like a beautiful place to go

Lisa said...

Your vacation photos are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them.

Timi said...

It is always so good to read your posts! I liked the photo of the "book worm"...:o) (We say "könyvmoly" in our language :o))

JESSICA said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the last two pictures! : )

Krista said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures - very inspiring!

france mileski said...

Can you imagine your son's reaction to this photo when he's all grown up? or is this you or hubby? Either way, you've caputured not just an incredibly beautiful image and perfect technique but a moment of a lifetime.