Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Field Trip #8 ~ Bob's Red Mill

Mill Tour #2

Did I mention we have been all about grains/mills/bread lately?
I've been meaning to get up to Bob's Red Mill (we use several of Bob's grain products),
and I thought their mill tour would be perfect for the boys.

I would just love to tell you all about my well-behaved, intelligent, quiet/still, curious boys and how much they loved this field trip.
I would love to tell you that I am a super-homeschooling-mother and was cheerful and gracious to my well-behaved boys.
Sigh. It was an off-day for all of us. We left the tour part-way through.
The boys were on over-load, needed to go to the bathroom, hungry.... I don't know, but it wasn't pretty.

The visitor's center/store/cafe is just down the road, and I decided a bite to eat might be what we all needed.
Sigh. We survived lunch, and then my mom and I took turns watching the boys in the truck while the other shopped for a few minutes.
(I think my mom was entertained by my meltdown.)
The long drive was by far the best part of our day. I'm so glad my boys are good on the road.

What I can say, is that it was certainly an awesome place to visit without young boys
with ants in their pants and an inability to keep noises from emanating from their bodies.
You can watch the mill tour video here.
The store/cafe/visitor's center is fabulous, and I would love to have a few hours there by myself!
They also sell their products online.

Mill Tour #2


Skeller said...

Been there, done that -- the mom part, the boy part ... just a different specific location (ummm, like Yosemite... ). We all eventually grow up and do this life thing better, right?!?

Diane S said...

That could have been me! We've had a few days like that. :o)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keepin it real, Heidi.

Molly Anne said...

Oh how I laughed at that photo of you and the boys. Too good. :)

I used to work on International Way just up from Bob's and can you believe I NEVER stopped there?! I guess I was on "go home!" mode when I left work. I do love their products though!

Maureen said...

Heidi--That first photo just says it all--it totally cracked me up!

And no worries--anyone with kids has had their version of Bob's Red Mill. Some of us, more than once!

Karin Katherine said...

Sorry the field trip didn't turn out how you planned...the pics look great though.

Rhonda said...

Love that photo of you all-at least everyone looks like they're having a great time!
We've had trips like that where everyone just seems to be in a rather crabby mood-blah!

That looks like an interesting field trip. I use some of Bob's Red Mill products-they're great.

K-Sue said...

Thanks for being real. I've observe that most field trips are more interesting to the adults than to the children.

"OOooo honey, look at that meat slicer!! "Look at the big generator!!" "Look at that wetland habitat exhibit!!"

"Uh huh, Can we go play and climb on that rock now, please?"

grandma and grandpa said...

That first picture is a riot!!! Says lots. I love the store part and spend lots there and someday would like to visit the mill, without little boys. Grandma

heather said...

We have eaten there but not taken the tour. I will have to do the tour sometime.

I can so relate to the meltdowns...sigh...just part of these years.