Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bad Habits, Yummy Food

Well, I've conquered my M&Ms habit (for the most part). It wasn't so much the empty calories (maybe it should have been), but more this and that. Do you know the easiest way to get rid of a habit? Yes, of course. Replace it with something else. Couldn't I have replaced my M&Ms habit with something like, say, running or yoga? Nah.

I rejoice at this time of year when Costco again carries Anna's Ginger Thins. If you really want a heavenly treat, try a couple with a dish of natural vanilla bean ice cream.

Speaking of Costco, do you know that they also carry Krusteaz Cinnamon Crumb Cake mix? I fell in love with a coffee cake similar to this at a local coffee shop. They no longer carry it, but I have found that adding a (generous) handful of chocolate chips to the top of the Krusteaz version before baking comes very close. (I purchased two huge bags of chocolate chips before developing a conscience.)

Were we talking about chocolate chips? How about a large batch of chocolate chip cookies with dried cranberries. It is a new favorite of mine.

And that conscience? I tell myself that stopping by Burgerville is completely harmless because their slogan is 'Fresh, Local, Sustainable.' That, and they have really cool kid's meal toys like the bird-watching binoculars the boys received yesterday or seeds, pot, and a little trowel. They also have delicious local and seasonal things on their menu--like the pumpkin milkshake I ordered. It tasted just like pumpkin pie without the crust. Ooh, did that feel like fall! And if you haven't tried their sweet potato fries, you are missing out!

This morning while working on our grammar lesson covering common nouns and proper nouns, I read Levi the first sentence with the common noun: 'My mother ate cereal for breakfast.'

Levi looked at the second sentence which said '____________ ate cereal for breakfast.' The point was to fill in the blank with the proper noun. Levi said 'Heidi ate chocolate for breakfast.' I wonder if there was a message I should be getting....

Lest you think it is all dessert around here, I'm making Marlboro Man's Second Favorite Sandwich tonight. And then I'll be finishing off the last crumbs of the crumb cake... if it lasts that long.


Anonymous said...

I have been in a cooking mood lately. I blame it on the WTM boards! Someone posts about something that is just too good. This week alone, I have done Morning Glory Muffins, Beerocks, Paprika Chicken, and Baked Oatmeal. It is finally getting to be more fall-like in temperature here (TN). I am wanting warm comforting foods.
And I keep dark chocolate in my house at all times!


Barb said...

I made Ree's sandwich (cheese and chilies) last week. Big Hit! I love those Ginger Thins. Hits the spot with a cup of tea. And it's that time of year for smelling more ginger in the house. It's definitely a cold-weather smell.
Have you tried McVitties tea biscuits...wonderful dipped for a second in a cup of tea.