Sunday, October 28, 2007

Creating the Spring Orchard

After much cold, rainy weather already this autumn season, the last few days have been gorgeously sunny. I adore cool, sunny autumn days! The boys have breathed in quantities of fresh air, and a few projects have been accomplished. We (well.... Russ) managed to plant three fruit trees to begin the Spring Orchard. (We'll be planting more in the spring.) I planted 50 daffodil bulbs with Levi's assistance and have various other bulbs to plant in the next few days if our weather holds out.

Eventually, we will have fruit trees bordering the length of our driveway, each tree circled by masses of flowers in the spring. Hence the name Spring Orchard....

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Mumsy said...

Heidi! I'm incredibly jealous (again) that you get to have a spring orchard. That's it. I'm moving from the city to someplace where I can have an orchard, too.