Sunday, October 21, 2007



I had the privilege of taking photos of my sister's children.
They are absolutely adorable, handsome, and gorgeous!
I don't have the time to figure out how to work in photo shop,
so my method is to take 400 pictures
knowing that I'm bound to get a few
that turn out well!
I'll spread the pictures out over a few
days so as not to overwhelm you.
(And, no, not all 400.)


Poet's Garden Girl said...

Oh my, such great pictures! I love that sweet Ivy girl really smiled for you! And she looks fantastic in that color. Love, love, love those kids and the pictures!

randi said...

Great pictures! I use the same "technique". Take a TON of pictures and I am sure to have a few good ones!

Anonymous said...

Finally we are getting some smiles from that sweet little girl. Loved the pictures!! I'm still not a prejudiced great grandmother.