Saturday, October 6, 2007

October Brings the Last

Brown October brings the last
Of ripening gifts, from summer past.

Have you noticed that summer is definitely past? It has been a hard adjustment this week. I'm not used to finding socks, shoes, jackets, and hats for all three boys. Our 'getting out of the house routine' takes a full 15-20 minutes longer, and it was bad enough when Luke and Levi could slip on their flip-flops. Leif just went barefoot!

Yesterday, the sun decided to grace us with its presence for a little while. The boys and I took a walk, enjoying breathing in the clean fall air. The pitiful veggie garden has been begging for attention. I pulled up and picked the last of the ripening gifts. Our tomatoes had a rough year. The deer, the cool weather.... there are a lot of green tomatoes on the vines, but we've only picked a few red ones. I'm guessing they won't last much longer with this cold and rain!

I'm sad that the boys won't get to pick carrots for lunch again until next summer rolls around. The delicious crunch of fresh-picked French green beans, roasted with olive oil and sea salt, is already a dim memory. We are gearing up to plant our fruit trees, though. That will be a job and a half!


carole said...

Peter just went barefoot, too. It's funny to think that he hasn't really worn shoes yet! Our weather for the past few days has been in the low 80's! Weird.

Barb said...

It was 95 here yesterday. We have yet to say hello to Fall, other than on the calendar.

Anonymous said...

Heidi, Well I did something wrong again trying to send this. I just wrote a long note about our cold nights the last 2 when I had to cover up my hoya plants on the patio and my huge - 6ft across cherry tomato plant outside with beach towels. Last night I put it off until as I was getting into bed at 11pm and remembered it and had to go out in my bathrobe and do it. Grandpa laughed his head off at me and was upset when I crawled into bed freezing cold. But today was up in the low 80s. Really beautiful. Hopefully tonight won't be quite so cold. John and Melody's tomato plants were so exposed that they got nipped so they pulled them out yesterday. Fall and winter are coming. This morning when I went for my walk I had to wear my heavy coat and gloves as it was about 34 degrees. Love your blog Grandma

Heidi said...

No fair! I want our warm weather back! :)

Grandma ~ You crack me up!