Tuesday, October 2, 2007

More Levi

We've taken the plunge and registered Levi for Tae Kwon Do. I'm hoping it will give him a good dose of structure, exercise, and practice following directions (especially in a social setting where he is easily distracted). Doesn't he look fierce? Or maybe just focused. That would be nice...

In other news:

Levi and I recently read about the three branches of government. He wanted to know which branch he was a part of. I explained that we are 'the people,' and that we elect others to be the government by voting. He decided that he wanted to be part of the judicial branch of the government and asked his dad and me if we would vote for him.

Some time previous to that discussion, I was doing clothing shopping for the boys and came across a shirt that said 'Vote For Me.' For some reason it just shouted 'Levi.' He is the kid that would run for class president. I snatched it up along with a shirt that said 'Hillside Prep,' washed them both, and stowed them away in his dresser.

This morning he came out of his room with a thrilled expression on his face--wearing his new shirt. "Mom! You won't believe it. My shirt says 'Vote For Me.' Now I can be part of the government!"

(I'll have to work on my photography skills before getting roped into being his campaign manager...)

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog, and your photos are great! I, too, have a Levi and a Luke! Levi's my baby (2 on Saturday) and Luke's my middle boy, 5 in a couple weeks. Alane