Monday, October 29, 2007

The Gallant Pig

I recently finished reading Babe: The Gallant Pig to Levi. (I have to admit here that Russ read a few of the chapters...) I know I rave about so many of the books we read, but this story is another one for the wonderful list. Babe is a lovely example of the rewards of being polite and kind. I love the simplicity. I love Mr. and Mrs. Hogget: he, the silent type--she, the boisterous, rambling, head-nodding, red-cheeked, farmer's wife. They seem so genuine.

We often watch the movie version of books once we have read them. I remember watching Babe years ago and loving it. The movie ended up in my cart at Amazon (wonder how that happened). Levi loved it! Babe is a perfect family movie. Add it to your collection!

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heather said...

We love that movie! Thanks for mentioning the book. We have not read it...yet.