Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Homer Price

Homer Price was first published in 1943. That is always a good start as far as I'm concerned. And this book had more than a good start, it was engaging and unexpected from beginning to end! From an automatic doughnut making machine that won't turn off, rescuing a super hero who has crashed his car, a musical mouse trap, and a town originally named Edible Fungus, to a string saving champion of the world contest, Homer's adventures are one of a kind. This book is a riot you don't want to miss.

Although I have loved so many of our read-aloud books this year, Homer Price was probably the best selection for a young boy. The frequent illustrations are whimsical, the characters' names are memorable, the plot is hilarious and full of action, and the book is relatively short. It makes a good read-aloud because there are many bits and pieces that will delight the reader as well as the listener. We have the sequel, Centerburg Tales, on our bookshelf waiting to be enjoyed.

pg. 18

Then the second robber (who had a cramp in his back from stooping over and from sleeping in the woods) straightened up and turned around. He noticed Aroma [Homer's pet skunk] and said, "Look at that thing in our money!" The other robbers turned around and looked surprised.

"That, my dear friend, is not a thing. It is a Musteline Mammal (Genus Mephitis) commonly known as a skunk!" said the third robber who had evidently gone to college and studied zoology.

"Well I don't care if it's a thing or a mammal or a skunk, he can't sleep on our money. I'll cook that mammal's goose!" Then he picked up a big gun and pointed it at Aroma.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," said the third robber with the college education. "It might attract the sheriff, and besides it isn't the accepted thing to do to Musteline Mammals."

pg. 27

"We didn't mean to do it," mumbled the first robber.

"And we'll give the money back," said the second robber.

"Our early environment is responsible for our actions," said the educated robber.

A couple of our favorite new words:

baffled: confused
imperative: impossible to avoid or ignore

Robert McCloskey is also well-know for his award-winning books Make Way For Ducklings and Blueberries for Sal, among others.


Sarah at SmallWorld said...

We loved this book! Thanks for the reminder. I need to go pull that out for the next child...

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, we love Homer Price also!

heather said...

THanks for sharing about this! We enjoy Make Way for Ducklings and Blueberries For Sal. This sounds like another good one. I am always on the lookout for great vintage books. So many are charming and well worth searching for.

Mumsy said...

Hi, Heidi!

Thanks for your comment--I left an answer to your question over under your comment.