Thursday, February 26, 2009

Finding Lovely

With finding lovely on my mind, I loaded the boys in the truck a while ago and set off on a country drive. My camera sat poised and ready on the passenger seat. The day was gray and dull, as February often is, but I knew lovely was somewhere to be found.

We returned a while later, camera untouched. The drive was relaxing, and it felt good to get out, but nothing had inspired me. As I was parking the truck, my gaze landed on a large, very random rock which sits at the edge of the yard and driveway. I pass by it every day as I load the kids up for errands or activities, but never think much of it.

The moss growing on the rock was lush, vibrant, and growing in interesting, mottled shapes. A bright spot in an otherwise dull and gray day. I grabbed my camera and snapped away.

Sometimes we are so busy looking for lovely, that we fail to see it. Sometimes lovely is so small, we have to stop what we are doing to notice it. Sometimes lovely is disguised in the quotidian, and we must step outside of our normal point of view to recognize it.

Don't go looking for lovely today, just stop to see it.

Wishing you all sorts of LOVELY today.


Skeller said...

Verdant!!!! In an otherwise gray landscape. Like a jewel.

Of course, I like gray, too ... I think it's lovely in its own way ;-).

Ridenour Family said...

nicely stated

Molly Anne said...

Well said! And what an excellent point.

I love just wandering around my yard snapping photos of anything and everything. I have an entire album of shots just entitled "around the house."

Shell in your Pocket said...

What fun pictures!
~sandy toe

Unknown said...

this made me think of "lovely is as lovely does." truly, lovely is everywhere we just don't always recognize it.