Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fresh Air...

...And New Growth.
The willow is bursting with new life.


Craft Tea Lady said...


I was hoping you, or your Mom or sis would be able to answer a question for me.

When Nick passed, we were given a tree (sm dogwood) as a memorial tree. That means, we have had it since 9/06. I am wanting to move it to the church (we are moving to Olympia but want to return to the Gorge in time... so when we come to the church, we can see it, etc).

My question - do you know if its the time to MOVE a TREE? Do I wait til Spring has sprung? Should I want to see new growth, or move it before? HELP!

Thanks for any info you might have (even if its just to tell me ya don't know.) LOL!

Gina DeLude

Anonymous said...

Heidi, I have missed your blog! I was away due to illness, and then computer problems. We're fixed now. I've missed alot here! Drew's birthday is next month. I plan to write a resume about him, kinda like you have done with your boys. I loved reading those. Thanks for the inspiration - what an awesome way to honor them.

How funny your mom is blogging now too! My mom also just started one this week - what a riot. I still can't quite go there myself, but I am thankful for you who are able :)


Naimah said...

Love the photos!

Unknown said...

oh. oh..... OH....

*sigh*. I am so happy for you, but green with envy. We still have three feet of snow and pretty frigid temps up here. I am drooling over the mud, buds, and vivid colors. That tree fort is the cat's meow!!!