Monday, February 23, 2009

Mr. Emphatic

When you take pictures of your children, do you prefer a nice smile or realistic expressions? That may be a silly question for some of you, but really think about it. Do you appreciate the faces they make while you have your camera in use? I think I want a sweet smile when I am trying to take the photo and get my boys to cooperate (they don't and I get frustrated), but I tend to like their natural expressions when I look back over the images.

Leif is my little man at 2 1/2. He thinks he is 3. Or 13. Or 30. He wants to participate in everything. Actually, he would rather run the show. We are definitely out of the baby stage around here.

Leif loves undivided attention. He grabs my face, turns it toward him, and says, 'Look at me.' No mistaking that one.

Although he is decisive, opinionated, and determined, he is also an absolute pleasure. He is cheerful, exuberant, loving, and interested in everything. He says thank you consistently. When you ask him a question, he says the most adorable, 'yes.' When he is enjoying a meal, he gives a cheerful, 'Dis is 'li-cious!' This boy loves people, especially family.

Leif's verbal skills are increasing exponentially, and he never is at a loss for words. He wakes up talking. He goes to sleep talking. He talks every minute in between. And his voice reflects his exuberance. (Loud, if you catch my drift.)

He knows just how everything should be done. When we leave the house, he is the one who thinks of closing every door and turning off my computer. He'll tell you where to sit. Where to go. 'Do like dis.' No grass grows under his feet. If I say we are going to run errands, he is out the door. If I tell him I will get him some juice, it had better be now.

His body reminds me of a miniature football player. He weighs about 41 pounds, but is also tall. He is incredibly strong. I feel like I've been wrestling an alligator by the end of the day. Lucky for him, I suppose, since he has no trouble holding his own around his two big brothers. In fact, I'm often worried for them.
These photos were taken one painstaking picture at a time. He would sit 'still' for a split second and then jump up to look at the image on my camera. Then he would run around a big sculpture in the park a couple times until I managed to get him to sit down for another second. My 'take 500 photos and hope 3 turn out' routine went out the window. I was extremely appreciative of good lighting and a simple backdrop!

Some days I can't wait for him to get just a little older, but most of the time I am squeezing the life out of every minute with my little man.


Unknown said...

He's the BEST. I love his expressions. He and my little rugrat (2.5) would be real cards together. I love pictures with priceless expressions.

Anonymous said...

Heidi, Where in the world did your little baby Leif go!!!! What an adorable set of pictures. I loved them. Grandma

carole said...

So cute! Peter is our one word man, and he gave us his version of Leif's sentence a few days ago at dinner: "Licious!" It seems that 2 1/2 going on 13 comes with the territory of being the third boy?

Skeller said...

Such a precious post!!

Way to have "loveliness" jump off the pages of your blog!!!

Shell in your Pocket said...

Oh...enjoy every minute!
-sandy toe