Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Vocabulary and More

Sarah B asks: I would love to know how you and Levi "handle" new words. Do you make spelling and vocab lists of the new words you encounter? Does he learn them through context?

Heidi answers: I hit the jackpot with Levi when it comes to vocabulary. He is fascinated by words, assimilates them quickly, and uses them without hesitation. He does learn most words through context, but in the past I have made a list of interesting words we encounter in our reading. We looked them up in the dictionary and talked about them, but didn't do it formally. This is how I will probably handle vocabulary with Luke. I have yet to start a spelling program with either of them. (Isn't it fun to watch kids develop their strengths? If you asked me about math, I'd be telling a completely different story....)

Sarah B also asks: I was also wondering about your organizational skills so I'll just second many of the questions above and ask specifically, how do you organize the thoughts, ideas, impulses, that come throughout the day?

Heidi answers: I am an avid list maker. I love to write everything down. Unfortunately, I wouldn't call any of my writing 'organized.' I really like the idea of Simple Mom's Daily Docket, which gives room to jot notes each day. I think I will start keeping them in a 3-ring binder, so all that information is in one place.

I have kept spiral journals for notes and thoughts of all sorts since I was very young (ten-ish, maybe?), and still use one. I also regularly type notes into drafts for future blog posts.

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