Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On Our Way...

...Home. We're just killing some time at the airport waiting for our flight. I am so tired and my feet are covered in blisters, but Russ and I have had a wonderful time, just the two of us! This has been our first vacation away in almost 6 years. I miss my little guys and need some sleep. As soon as I'm caught up on snuggles, I'll work my way through the 500+ photos to edit and share. Well, I won't share all 500. I promise. Come back tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

This post struck me with such similarity. The last trip to Las Vegas we took was in 2006 and I returned with my feet covered in blisters as well. My blisters turned out to be so bad I had to use burn cream for all the raw skin. I guess that is what you call walking your feet off! Love your pictures. Leanne

Anonymous said...

We just got home yesterday from a trip to Las Vegas! We stayed at Bally's. Loved Paris! Had lunch outside at Mon Ami Gab (I think that was it) on Saturday and loved the weather and watching the water show at Bellagio. Love those times away!!