Monday, July 13, 2009

Making New Friends

Edelweiss Dairy

Our family had the distinct pleasure of meeting new friends on our vacation! Colleen has been a long-time online acquaintance (you can meet her over at her blog, Ski to Sea), and we finally had the opportunity to become friends in real life! We visited her beautiful home and organic dairy farm in the stunning location near Mt. Baker.

What a backdrop!

Edelweiss Dairy (2)

It is a good thing Russ was willing to take pictures. Colleen and I hardly took a breath in the midst of conversation. We had a lot of ground to cover!

Walking and Talking

The boys had a blast in the river.

Boys on the River

I'm pretty sure they are all ready to join Colleen's family. With five boys of her own, do you think she would notice another three? Leif, in particular, adopted Colleen's husband, Hans.

Joining the Family

We spent the rest of the afternoon/evening eating a delicious meal, playing, and talking, talking, talking. Luke and Leif couldn't get enough of the kittens. Levi wanted to move into the boys' rec room.

Evening at Edelweiss

The sun set on the mountains, and the evening came to a close. I'm disappointed I didn't take the time to get more photos of their home, gardens, and farm. I guess I'll use that as an excuse to visit again... At least I was able to get more photos of their family the next day as we spent it on the beach together!

Sunset at Edelweiss

Thank you, Colleen, for the wonderful food and hospitality.
It is a pleasure to count you among my friends!

Colleen and Heidi


Skeller said...

How fun!!! And what a gorgeous place to live! I remember Colleen all the way back to my earliest days at WTM :-).

Mon Cheri said...

Love the photos of Colleen's place.What a dream location. I can see why you loved the last 2 days of your vacation. Glad your back though!

Shannon said...

How great that you made it out there! I didn't know you guys hadn't met. Isn't their farm wonderful. We're now in Bellingham and LOVING the water and mountains. Glad you could make a trip to visit!