Friday, June 20, 2008

A Bird in Hand

This picture book story of John James Audubon was nice, but the illustrations thrilled me to the core. Absolutely lovely.

(We printed this image to add to our circle time notebook.)

and (gorgeous, gorgeous!):

We are attempting to sketch birds for our nature journal, but the preliminary stages aren't very attractive. It will take a lot of practice, though I realize I shouldn't expect Audubon quality from myself (never quite took to drawing or painting) and a six year old boy. Grin.


Joni said...

I just requested the first book from the library. Looks lovely. Would love to hear more about your circle time notebook...

Donna Boucher said...

Lovely!!! That top book looks totally delightful!!!

I think I need to buy that!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

I'll be looking for that looks great for nature studies! Thanks!

Tell us about your circle notebook!

~ Tammy

Heidi said...

Alrighty, ladies. I'll talk about our circle time notebook in an upcoming post. Stay tuned...

Elise said...

Hi Heidi

I would also love to hear more about the circle time notebook - I am intrigued as to what this concept involves.

What an appreciation your boys are going to have for nature.

A nature journal is such a wonderful idea. I like the thought of sitting out in some beautiful space outdoors and focusing on a particular piece of nature. The idea of taking the time to appreciate the detail and beauty of something and recording my thoughts (graphically and / or in words)is very appealing.


Beth@Pages of Our Life said...


Your children may enjoy seeing my son's sketch blog. He draws birds and has quite a few on his blog. If you click on me you will find a link on my blog called "Sketcher". That's Him! The link will take you there.