Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hello, Sunshine

Complaining about our unseasonable weather paid off. The sun came out to play today. When we got home from church, the boys raced inside to throw on their swimming trunks.

Guess who is riding his bike without training wheels! One broke off on his 4th birthday. I promised him that Daddy would fix it. Two days later at his birthday party, Daddy fixed it by taking the training wheels off completely. He got on and rode away. That was about it. What an exciting birthday gift.
Without being on the to-do list today, we spontaneously planted our garden (better late than never). Levi helped with the labeling.

Not only did we plant up carrots, tomatoes, and a variety of other things, Russ suddenly decided to make me a fence so the deer wouldn't help themselves to our veggies. (I'm sure they'll get the idea and jump the fence...)

We put landscape lining down between the boxes so that we wouldn't have to worry about mowing or weeds. Maybe we'll cover it with something one of these days. Maybe not.

I wasn't sure how I was going to get in and out of the garden, but Russ produced a perfect metal gate that was left behind by the previous owners. I thought it needed a little something so I quickly spray painted an old rusty star with a little lime green.
Now, you avid gardeners and perfectionists, please go easy on me. Someday we'll have a huge, amazing garden. We have to start somewhere...
After a while the bikes were abandoned and the boys found other things to do.
Cardboard boxes are always nice, but nothing beats a cardboard box in tall grass. You'd think my poor boys had no toys.
We then had the weekly garbage can pilgrimage.
After eating a lovely dinner on our front porch and playing in the cool evening grass with the boys, I felt great about all we had accomplished today. Until I went inside.
Looks like I'll be up for a while.


Marne said...

I have been a lurker of your blog for a long time. I love all your ideas and wisdom.

I had to post tonight, because I saw you do Square Foot Gardening. I also garden with the SF method, and I love it! I enjoy seeing other's pictures of their SFG's. Way to go! The star is a beautiful touch!

Laurel said...

Sympathy on the state of the kitchen. Been there. I love the little garden - just their size! Way to go boys.

Elise said...

Hi Heidi

Ahh the joys that come from your very own vegetable garden. Your family will love it. I love the Heidi touch, the lime green star is perfect.

A big kitchen clean up can only mean one thing: some very blessed people shared in a fantastic meal and memorable times.


carole said...

Thank you for the real life picture. :) My entire house is looking that way this morning and it is hard to believe that on Friday I worked hard to get it really clean! Oh well.

Wow! I can't believe Luke is already riding without training wheels! How fun!

Skeller said...

Green wide open spaces - Be. Still. My. Heart! What an incredibly lovely piece of land you live on, Heidi. And your day sounds just perfect. Starting your garden without a list ... reminds me of the video (movie? youtube? can't remember...) where a woman is sitting down making her list. At the very top of the list she writes: Make a List. At the end of the list, she goes back to the beginning and marks off her first item. :-} It's frightening how much that short video amused me. And your last photo cracked me up. :-D
Blessings today....

Heidi said...

Marne~ Thanks for introducing yourself! Yes, we started SF gardening last year. I have big plans (and dreams) about a huge SF garden, but I don't know when that will be a reality. We sure did enjoy our carrots and beans last year! I think it is important for kids to see the whole process of veggies and fruits from beginning to end, even if it is on a very small scale. :)

Laurel~ Thanks for the sympathy. :) I do enjoy getting the boys involved in the gardening. Both of them enjoyed picking veggies last year, so I'm hoping fot the best this summer...

Elise~ You have the best way of looking at things. It is true, a clean house would probably mean a very unfulfilling life for my family. :)

Carole~ I'm glad you appreciated the picture. Sometimes it is so frustrating that accomplishing one thing means that other things are falling apart. Argh! My whole house also looked like that at the end of the day. It is nice to put the boys to bed and clean/organize in peace and quiet, though. :)

I had wondered if Luke might ride his bike early. He has really great balance and is a bit of a dare devil. Sometimes that is a bad thing, sometimes a good thing, LOL. Levi didn't start riding his without training wheels until 5 1/2. It sure helps to have a long driveway where they can ride without me standing over them, though. Levi hardly got any bike riding time when we lived in town.

skeller~ We really are very blessed to live out where we do. We are only a mile from my parents, less than 20 minutes away from both my sisters, two miles into town, and within an hour or two of two large cities, the coast, the mountains, and even dessert area! I love it!!

Cracking up about the list making... I am a chronic/obsessive list maker and have been since I was probably 6 years old. :)

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


I'll be tuning in for the SF Gardening! We're going to give it a try next year. I really don't think there's that much at this point down South here that we could plant, but we've decided to try it next year!

I love the cardboard box toy! That's the best kind!

So sorry about the kitchen...but ya know...that just shows a real family lives there and that sometimes other things are just more important. The boys won't remember that...they'll remember you playing with them outside and planting a garden with them!


Simply Me... said...

Wow loving the garden and that star! The kitchen always gets it the worst!