Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Buying Books

Amazon Prime is a dangerous thing for me. No driving and shopping, no minimums, no shipping, two day arrival... Yes, I love books. I love buying books. I love having books. I love seeing the boys read or look at books. I love reading out loud or to myself.

I found a new source. (Okay, I know it isn't new, and I am once again the last to figure it out.) Goodwill. All of these books for $12. It is a good thing I can't make it there very often (shopping for books isn't fun with three little boys), and who knows how long it will take them to replenish the good stuff (I'm picky), but I'll be remembering to go there again in the future!

Don't forget to check thrift stores for great deals on quality children's books, but not if you live in my town. Grin.


Joni said...

You hit the jackpot, Heidi! I love to look for out-of-prints at Goodwill and other thrift shops...and yes, Amazon is a dangerous site! Oh, btw, I picked up Anno's Spain at the Half-Price Books just last weekend. Thanks for the heads up. I am looking for Anno's Britain, since we spent last year there, it will really appeal to my kiddos (and me)... ;)

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Oh me too, Heidi! I recognized several of your books from my children's collection too!

You should stop by and read an old post on my blog called A Book. I feel exactly the same way you do about books!

Amazon Prime, huh? That's just what I need...another weak spot...gee thanks! lol!

Have a great day!

Sarah said...

oooh...are you my new competition?! Goodwill in your local town is a tried & true book resource for me! ;) I've even found homeschool curriculum! Thanks for sharing your finds..they look wonderful!

Elise said...

Hi Heidi

Books and - I am addicted. As you know I am always on the lookout for interesting books for my little girl. Books that we can use as stimulus for some sort of creative activity and books where we can learn about the world we live in.

I also love the fact that Savanna will spend so much time at her bookshelf, pulling down books for us to read together. Sometimes, she will just sit in her couch with a pile of books and flip through the pages, pointing out things and giggling at whatever tickles her fancy.

What a great collection for only $12. Books are a great investment in our children's future and I believe you can never have enough of them.


Leslie said...

I have been enjoying your blog for a couple of months now. I see a few of our good book friends in your picture. We especially loved Paddle to the Sea! ~Leslie