Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Grass is Gone

It is grass cutting time. Sigh. Russ appreciates any excuse to run heavy machinery. The boys appreciate any excuse to ride with Dad. Last year, Levi told us he would not forgive us for having the grass cut. I wondered what he would think this year.

It turns out that cut grass holds scope for the imagination almost as much as tall grass. The empty box shows up again, this time as a nest filled with straw:

Or for building blocks of grass (when you don't happen to have sand around for a sand castle):

I love relaxing outside at sunset. It is the boys' favorite time to play.
Twilight isn't bad either. Particularly when Dad is helping construct a huge grass nest:

An open box makes a wonderful tunnel or nest escape hatch. Hatch. Hmmm.
Stay tuned for next time when we build a tree fort using only recycled paper bags and twine. Just teasing.


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

How creative your boys should be proud! (It makes me itch looking at them, though!) lol!

How fun!

Anonymous said...

Sweet, a Kubota! I used to work for them (Canadian head office). Nice taste, Russ! :)

Heidi said...

Tammy~ LOL! Levi came out of his room the next (warm) morning with a sweatshirt and jeans and then put on his boots. I asked him why he was dressed like that and he told me he was going to play in the grass. :)

Caralyn~ Russ wishes I would let him spend his money on a Kubota. :) He borrowed it from a friend for a few days. Definitely on the 'want' list!