Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Friends!

We have new friends! Bella Art Girl and Travelin' Nan came to visit. They contacted me a short while ago wanting to know if I would be interested in meeting. After spending time reading each other's blogs, we felt like old friends and didn't stop chatting for hours. I'm sure we could have kept it up for much longer, but two little ones needed naps.

Travelin' Nan brought her son, Evander. Levi and he took off playing. Bella Art Girl brought her two adorable daughters, Lily (above) and Wilder. It doesn't get much cuter than this:

I am used to rough and tumble boys dressed in blues and greens. I felt like I had entered fairy land. Wilder is like cotton candy. The tiniest piece of beautiful pink fluff.
My boys were enthralled. Leif looked like a sumo wrestler next to her. Hard to believe he is only 4 months older! I don't know that they have ever seen a pink tutu before. Fascinating. Boy clothes are so boring.
We had a lovely picnic and talked homeschooling, decorating, blogging, Poet's Garden, photography, and family. Bella Art Girl threatened to post all her 'unedited' photos of myself and the house. We laughed about all the things around here you've never seen in pictures... Her blog will probably shout 'Mt. Hope ~ Exposed!'

Ladies (and kids!)~ Thank you for the wonderful visit. I'm so glad you came. We'll have to do it again soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! That is the most adorable picture of the boys touching the little girl's poufy skirt!! I love it!

carole said...

Aaaahhh! Such a cyber - shock, I suppose. It is so funny, knowing that you are both OR people and following both your blogs (Bella Art Girl's, I mean (I'll have to look into Traveling Nan's!)) and yet - - seeing the casts from two separate blogs within the same photo frame? Wow. :)

Elise said...

Hi Heidi

Oh how wonderful, a face to face meeting with blog buddies. I would love to have that opportunity.

The photos of your boys touching the tutu is so precious. A bit of an insight into a different world for them, a world of pink, tulle and girly things. So adorable.


Anonymous said...

HI---I know both of those gals, living in the same town, having the same friends. Sounds like a great visit. I love meeting bloggy friends. So sad about Poet's Garden. I hope to make it up one more time. I ended up buying Right Start Math for two of my girls. I hope it goes well.

travelin' nan said...

I am still giddy from our visit yesterday. I have a new "lens" to appreciate your photography. I think you exude Sara Groves song, "Add to the Beauty." Remember, you can always come visit us at our unnamed location.

Heidi said...

Carole~ I should have posted pictures of the get-together Heather (at Becoming) and I had with the kiddos. :) I can't wait till we can post pictures of *our* get-together simultaneously....

Susan~ How fun! We should plan a huge get-together at Poet's on one of the last weekends. A blogging/Poet's girls/homeschooling moms picnic. :)

Anonymous said...

I am so sad to hear about Poet's Garden closing. When Linds told me on the phone yesterday, I almost cried. The end of an era. It's my dreaming store--what will I do now? So many memories in those fields.

And I also am struck by how the new era of Poet's Garden has already begun, you've brought the spirit of Poet's Garden home and now get to share it in a whole new way (via blog, homeschooling support groups and parties, and someday, as you send your sons out to the world).

Farewell, Poet's Garden, you will never be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Poet's. Garden. is. closing?!? Oh I'm so sad. And I won't get to go there before it's over - I won't be in Oregon until Christmas.